Wedding Card Design part 2

Jessie jots...

Looking at my blog history, I don't think I've mentioned that Charlotte has confirm what design she wanted! I know Jen, you said looking at the place where the reception will be held, card style# 4 is definitely the one and you are right! I must say though, that Charlotte also liked style# 2 but in the end, this was her choice.

The background color is suppose to be ivory, much lighter than what is projected here in the cards. It may or may not be this yellowish, depending on what the printer has to offer but because we wanted a hint of yellow as the accent color, there will be an inch of satin yellow ribbon with a translucent yellow or purple wax paper to hold all the cards together before putting it into the envelope. I can't wait to work on it!

My greatest achievement will be to see them printed and materialized on my hand! Wish me luck!

Now I'm going to get my hands on passing the California driving test. And say bye bye to my Minnesota driver's license!

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