Jessie jots...

Hushby and I watched it all happened yesterday night. Chicago folks gathered up at Grant Park in spite of the cold and the wind, they were there since noon until sun set. Hushby and I were at Grant Park on May 2006, and felt a touching moment as we have both stood on that piece of land where it is now making history. We watched the news seconds by seconds and just when we realized Obama won the race, we hugged each other and proved ourselves right that God was not going to fail us.

It was a victorious win and Obama's speech sums it all up. People were shedding tears hugging strangers without discriminating the differences in skin color, relieved and overjoyed only with one common reason: that the Democrat won. It was so touching when Obama stood out at the podium with his wife and two daughters. If you have seen Michelle Obama speak, you will agree with me that she is not only charismatic but definitely qualify to be the first African American FIRST Lady. One cannot deny the speech was delivered with such an amazing amount of renewed positive energy and hope, yet with humility.

I'm particularly proud of Minnesota and California being the 'blue' states. I don't know how my friends would view of me being an Obama supporter but all I can say is our future together can only get better, even if McCain wins.

Unfortunately, Proposition 8 is projecting like it is going to pass. If I can vote, I would be one of the folks with a banner saying "NO to 8" on my chest. I can't believe even such developed country, people are still continue to believe in discriminating and felt like it was "civil" to strip off equality on the gay and lesbian community. Please give them the freedom they deserve, just like anybody else. Why should they be treated like a second class citizen? Why is this even tolerable? Just like when women were once not allowed to vote, we will look back one day and shake our head that gays and lesbian were treated as a second class citizen. Even if Prop 8 will pass now, I believe the next time round, it will NOT. It's only a matter of time.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you fellow Americans!! Eventhough Yew Wai and I are not American citizens and eventhough we did not grow up here, we live in this land long enough and went through tough times just like any other regular Americans did. We fell in love with this great country and foresee wonderful opportunity for ourselves, thanks to Americans with kind hearts. We too experienced the effect of the long battle in Iraq, the budget cutting in local state universities, the dooming economy and the social problems that comes with it. We pay taxes just like any other people, in fact more to cover for our immigration status. We abide to laws and regulation only to live in the US legally and pay our dues without the government on our side. And eventhough we are classified as "Aliens" in this country, let alone be respected and not be treated like an unknown species, we do not take it in our heart only because we have been given great opportunity. Living here is already BETTER, much much BETTER than what we had.

So thank you my American friends who had voted for Obama. Thank you for the opportunity to experience better future together... with us! :) Thank you!


Charlotte said...

Wow, what a heartfelt & touching post. Almost brought a tear to my eye. You are so sweet Jessie, and I don't care if the government says you are an "alien," you are my friend!!


gracieq said...

Unfortunately, there are quite a number of Americans who are ignorant about the world, thus rendering them to behave like the Malay saying, "frogs under the coconut shell". It was quite evident during one of McCain-Palin's rally where their supporters said that Obama are a lot of things that he isn't - baby killers, non-Christian, anti-White, etc.

Having said that, Obama's victory in securing the No 1 job in America gives the rest of us in the world hope, no? If the Americans can grow to realise that they need something better, someone more capable to lead the country to better achievements for all, we can only have faith that one day, such impossible things can be possible in the rest of the world.

Jessie C said...

Charlotte, I'm flattered :)

Gracie, well said. It is true that there are still many people who believed that Obama's policy is unrealistic, that he is a Muslim and he had been involved in bombing, hence making him a terrorist. You would think a developed country like the US wouldn't have such ignorance mentality but there are still many. In some ways, McCain is partly to be blame because while he was campaigning, he instilled negative images of Obama to his audience. And in a good way, that really shows in the poll, why McCain is not eligible to be a good president for he was attacking his opponent too much. Not to mention, his choice of VP also seem to be quite juvenile. I guess, more and more Americans are becoming wiser after eight years of Bush administration that lead us to nothing but dissapointment. Yes and because of what happened, we are relief with new hopes and faith that something better and someone capable will turn the country into a new leaf. However, I don't think the success of Obama is only about African American making history that he is the first to be a president, but it also goes to show that beyond color, beyond gender and beyond all demographic, Americans are willing to vote for Obama without discriminating for the change to take place in the country.

Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it. :)