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Jessie jots...

So yesterday, I had a hot night. It was hot everything... hot chef, hot food, hot sushi, hot drinks and most of all, a HOT DATE. My hot date was due for a special occasion and he chose teppanyaki for his birthday dinner. How can I resist? It was only an opportunity to dress up and try new things.

I tried on new fake eyelashes. Not too bad for a first timer! It was tricky to put it on but once it stick, it look awesome. You can't really tell from the picture but it definitely make the eyes pop. :) And my face is a little red here, had a little too much to drink... but who can deny a girl Amaretto Sour and hot sake... mmm!

The last time I had teppanyaki was when I was in high school... that was ages ago. I can't remember what it taste like but I remember clearly the chef stir fried some cabbage that looks like a dish I could easily make at home. I never go for teppanyaki since... until now.

For a foodie like me, it was difficult to choose! They offered too many good things. The type of meat that is... from shrimp to filet mignon, scallop to halibut. I didn't think the Japanese restaurant would be that fancy but it was. We made our choices, for him, New York steak and halibut and for her, New York steak and scallops. I thought that is what is going to be served, but no... the 'combo' also comes with fried rice, fried noodles, miso soup, a bowl of salad, a big serving dish combination of vegetables, some glazed carrots, and not forgetting the big chunk of steak and scallops and halibut. MY GOD! We can feed a village with these!

You choose what you want to eat and the chef for the night will perform his culinary tricks in front of you. Quite impressive stuff, with the knife flipping and flame burning from the onion rings... while I was impress, I was also afraid he might hit us with the knife or with something flaming - I'm only sitting less than 4 ft away. The 'show' didn't last that long thankfully and luckily I walked away scar-free. Must be hard to perform tricks and cook on the same time! It's not some dinner you can have every other night though. Too rich and just too much food! I even had leftovers for lunch... enough for me to feed a football team. Haha!

At the end of dinner, I gave my Hot Date a card I personally made with the help of my home HP printer. I think he likes it or maybe just pretending? Just kidding. There was a hint for his last present in the card and he was suppose to find it. It was his third present and he didn't realize there was more when he already received two. His first was a mousepad I made for him from http://www.snapfish.com/. Second was a moisturizer from Origins, because his lips and skin were cracking from dryness. And his third? The hint was COLD. He found it in the freezer without any problem. This guy is too smart. Well I guess it's too easy. haha

I know the card look childish but I only had about an hour to work on it, considering that I had to take some time to walk to TCBY store and get the yogurt cake, my fake lashes, my card papers, envelope and stickers, in between of doing laundry. So no time for fancy artwork or whatsoever. I thought something simple should work, so some stickers from a scrapbook store to accesorize the card should do the job. Like an untalented poet, it took me a lot of time to compose the birthday poem - just so there's enough pointers for him to realize there's a present needed to be found. When he read the line "a present with your name in blue", he went "in this the one?" pointing on the little blue cake on the card. Of course no haha!

The moment we open the cake box, our little fluffy friend came right up to my feet, and climb on top of the dining table bench, which she never did and she knows I don't allow. "But it smell so good!!!" Yes I know, so we figured, it's only fair she gets to enjoy the special day as well. I remember reading somewhere saying that cats do not like anything sweet. She is the contrary to whoever claim that! She'll take anything that is sweet and creamy in nature. Yogurt and ice cream fall into that category and when she smells it, there's no way to say NO that cutie face.

We end up playing with Pipi at the end. It's like a ritual now, that she gets some attention everytime we are done with dinner. She's so funny, you have to watch!

This time round, unlike the other years, we celebrate my HOT DATE's birthday discreetly. Just the two of us and the cat. It was a great night overall, my hot date was HOT and looking even HOTTER at 27... haha my mom would agree! Another year older, another year wiser and another year handsome-r! Happy Birthday :)


~ WEiLinG ~ said...

jessiem looking great in the pic. You lost weight!! I have prob putting on fake lashes....they looked so fake on me...sob sob. what's ur secret?

Jessie C said...

Wow thanks! you can tell? Just that angle only kot! LOL I'll put your question on the next post.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Yew Wai!