How I wear fake eyelashes

Jessie jots...

For the sake of you Wei Ling! In return of your recipes hehe :D

Like you, I used to have trouble putting fake eye lashes on as well. This one you see I'm wearing is my second pair. I'm lucky to find out the way to wear it before spoiling many others and making a hole out of pocket. You need a couple time to practise before putting it right. Don't buy the cheap lashes, they can only make you look faker. Choose one of those more natural softer kind.

I'm still no expert in make up and especially putting fake lashes on. Maybe someone who had training, someone like Shuh Jiuan can give better pointers than me. But if you want me to show you, here's how I did it.

Beware! You may need about two hours to apply your make up when you include fake eyelashes into the scene!

First and foremost, I apply all the eyeshadows and eyeliner I want before putting any of the fake lashes on. Measure the fake lash to your own eye lid. Cut the lash if it's longer.

When the liner is dry (if you're using wet eyeliner), start applying the glue on one of your lashes. Don't put too much, just dotting several points will do. Tilt your chin up so that your lid is half close.

You want to focus sticking the fake lashes by lining it up with your eyelid. Just let it sit on top of your own lashes.

Pick it up with your index finger and your thumb.

To begin sticking, use the one end of the fake lash, align it at the corner of your eye lid (opposite side of your nose). The fake lash line should follow the eyelid once you stick the corner in. I also use one end of my eyeshadow brush (opposite of the brush end) to help me press the lash line onto my lid.

Using your eyeshadow brush, press the fake lashes onto your lid, one point at a time. Don't drag the brush with you. Dot four points. Two on each corner and two in between.

Rest it for a minute or two. Adjust if necessary. Usually the glue will stick back if you pull it out a bit.

If you did a mistake and it's beyond repair, take it all out. Wash the fake lashes with your make up remover. Then repeat by putting glue on it again. Repeat the other side, don't be like me. haha

Once you think you did a successful job and your lashes look like they grow out of you, clamp it. Make sure you clamp it close to your eyelid and tilt your chin up while doing it. If you clamp it somewhere in the middle, your eyelashes will only curl inside, not upwards.

The cock eyes

Apply mascara for a dramatic look. If the line of the fake lashes seems too obvious on your eyelid, draw eyeliner over it.

I did not put mascara on mine because it was dramatic enough. I also chose a pair of fake lashes that was sparse and not as long as the other ones. I only wanted a natural pair of fake eyelashes, only a little longer than my own. That's why it's not as obvious in these pictures. Hope that helps!

Face with no make up and unkempt hair.

Face with make up and straighten hair.

How come guys don't need make up and they still look just as good? HMPF

Let me know how you did! Do my tips work?


janediva said...

It is the right way. Somehow, I can do it on other people but I can't seem to put them nicely on myself. My real eyelashes always get into the way,in the end, I would just give up and go au naturale. I have been trying to get Keat Joo wear fake eyelashes since your wedding day but she doesn't know how to do it :x

Jessie C said...

Next time Keat Joo is back, she has to wear it! No choice now. hehe

Jo said...

omg..i forgot abt YW's birthday!
nice dinner, teppanyaki :P~~