Playing cat and mouse again

For you Pipi fans out there! Pipi is playing cat and mouse again, this time clearer. :)

I added the next video because I just simply love it when Pipi is being nice... no biting and no scratching, just letting me touch goes to show how much she loves me too! hehe And then background song was a nice touch, thanks to http://www.pandora.com/. Man, just sounded like some 'romantic' moment but no, it was cute. :) Enjoy!


Jo said...

hhahhaha sudah begitu besar Pipi!
hahaha she looked stupid and all full of curiosity. funny!
the first video, her face at the end of the video ahhahaha so funny.so flat ....she's like "whats going on ?"
I can't wait to see her!

ooi said...

Pipi.. and my favourite artist of all time Tracy Chapman.. I love all her songs, especially this, Telling Stories. She's having a europe tour now, I cant get tickets for milano concert.. sad.