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Jessie jots...

This were pictures taken some time ago, back in September 28th, when it was still warm and we were doing 'spring' (suppose to be fall) cleaning. We didn't have a lot of things up yet in these pictures, and by just looking at the pictures, it reminded me how Pipi was still so tiny! when Pipi was sooo little, she was only as long as toilet paper roll. Ah.. so cute!

Dad has been an avid fan of my blog since he discovered it. Hello Papa! :) I know he would enjoy these pictures of our new place. Who could have thought a blog is an effective way to communicate and stay in touch.

First picture is the master bedroom with a detached bathroom outside, which I failed to take a picture but who would want to see a regular bathroom with the toilet bowl first thing visible to your eyes.

Sad to say that everything you see here is from Ikea but the good thing is the curtain is from Target. Haha nothing fancy... just playing matchy matchy here.

The view from the entrance. On the right is the large built-in closet.

Oh the side table is from TJ Max, love that place! Only $30 a piece, we bought two. Planning to paint it all white but hadn't had the chance.

I chose the blue mostly inspired by the pictures we took for our wedding album last year. We were pleasantly surprise how everything came together. Even bluey fits in the picture. By the way, Bluey is my dearest pillow which follows everywhere I go. He's been with me since I was... erm, this is embarassing, since 10 years old. Don't puke just yet, I do air him and wash him once in a while. He had been refill with new feathers, so rest assure that he's pretty clean.
Moving on... just so you get out of the nauseating thoughts.... the living room with my hideous curtain. I regret making the choice to use these curtains. I wanted a natural look to the living room but this was too much.

The whole time we were vacuuming, cleaning and dusting stuff, Pipi was in Lala-land the entire time. Only twitching from time to time, must be from a really sweet dream. You can see her here on the floor next to the dining table, unaware of what's going on.

My kitchen nook! The least favorite part of the apartment but its the place I use most.

The view of the dining table adjacent to the living room. To the right is the balcony. At that time, we didn't clean up the balcony yet but we'll get to that further down. Again, I kind of regret that the dining table was a little too large for the space we had. However, when we were hunting for one, the apartment was empty and we didn't have a place to eat. Sitting on the floor and eat for 2 weeks was long enough and we couldn't take it anymore. So buying this piece was quite a rush but if we continue to hesitate, we will find nothing else.

And can you believe it we transported this dining set with 4 chairs using our Toyota Matrix? And carried it all up, just Yew Wai and I, with two flight of stairs? OH YEAH hahaha I didn't work out for nothing, right? haha just kidding.

The second bedroom with an attached bathroom. I chose to hide the adjoining vanity and wardrobe area due to FENG SHUI reason... yes that's me, sometimes I'm quite superstitious. I believe if there's water flowing down the drain and if you use the bedroom often, you will lose your fortune slowly. That's why Chinese believe that you should shut your bathroom door or shut your toilet bowl, so that your wealth will not sip through the draining hole when the energy flows through. Any feng shui practitioner out there? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I must say though, with the dark curtain hanging like this, the whole room look like a spa... except that you have to ignore the computer part. haha
Behind the curtain is this vanity and my hand sticking out with the camera. It's a nice room overall but I just wish that they had a door to cover the vanity. I love to do facials and my make up in here, or do facials for Hushby because water is easily accessible. To the left is another bathroom.

Looking out from the vanity, here's the view of my computer, my gateway to the rest of the world. I have a clear view of the swimming pool from the computer, which is nice but not visible to where this picture was taken. And then, the futon. The furniture that had served us well since the days I was working in Minneapolis (Charlotte might remember this!), we just have to replace the mattress after so many guests. The old TV was also another great item we got from eBay. It was when Yew Wai first landed in the US, he got this for us - our FIRST TV. Now I use it for yoga and working out. Yep, this is also a work out room.

The next few pictures are taken last month when I had all the plants planted. We just recently bought a grill that has a story on its own, I'll keep that for later, but before the grill was here, we started out with a small herb garden, so that by the time the grill arrive, the herbs would be ready for marinates. haha! Anyhoo, the round brown pot grows sage, rosemary, thyme and basil. The smaller pot to its right is parsley.
The larger tree on the left is lemon tree and the lower right, is a tomato plant. The lemon tree is doing great. There's a lot of purple flowers blooming now, strange how it blooms now when the tag says it will only bloom in spring. We have about 3 or 4 tiny lemons growing now, hopefully it will be big and juicy for my upcoming roast cornish hen.

It's all organic here for my plants, since I'm growing them myself, I might as well go au naturale. So here you see, organic soil, organic pesticide, organic plants.
Rosemary, thyme and sage, couple with lemons are always a good start to marinate your chicken for roasting! Yummy... leftovers are even better.. Oh don't get me started!

The tomato plant, however, is a failure. The flower buds are everywhere but it won't turn into anything. I think we don't have enough sunlight, especially this time around when daylight is shorter. It's still growing though and I'll keep it until next summer just to see if it will be a potential fruit bearer.

Our next project is to get a patio set and then, we are set on that part of the apartment. Then Yew Wai will have his big toy to play with and I'll have my place to eat.

Papa, make sure you show this to Mommy.


janediva said...

Your place is absolutely lovely :) I want to stay in that spa room if I have a chance to be in California again! :) Haha, I beh paiseh one :p

ooi said...

Aiyoh your house is so nice, but pipi has totally stole the limelight. I can't stop looking and smiling at her gambar-gambar tertidur on the floor.. so cute!!! hehe..