Vanitas themed Illustrator project

Jessie jots...

My first time with Illustrator, people! It's definitely not a work I'm proud of but it's my first and I thought it is kind of cute. I enjoyed it.

For those who has Illustrator, it's really not difficult to do create this. It's even easier to learn when you have an instructor who resembles Brad Pitt. Teehehe! Not like I would go GA GA for him, I've never been a big fan of Brad Pitt. But he's really a nice, dedicated teacher.

That's Andrew. Look like Brad Pitt to you? hehe!

Let's see, what I learn from Mister Jolie? Try to use the Pen tool and click on the line like the one on the watch and create that silhoutte. Once you create the (enclosed) shape, click the color palette to fil whatever color you like and you can disable the outline too if you want. You can also change its opacity for the color you choose. Just like you see with the bottle, I change its opacity to 50% so that it looks like it's made of clear plastic and I edited the Fill to 80% for the liquid part to look more solid and opaque. So, try out if you have time and you'll have fun as much as I did.

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