A "Marie Claire" moment

Jessie jots...

I went to get my chiropractor treatment today and its down in Sartell, about 15 minutes drive from my place. As I was about ready to leave the center, I walked pass a bulletin board and took a couple steps back because....

I SAW....... THIS!

My design? In some random place? Errr... off campus?? ARGH I didn't know my flyers (or actually more like the Women's Center's) would be hanging off campus. How cool! :D
I was aesthetic for a moment. You know, it feels as if when you walk pass a newspaper stand and you thought you saw your own face on the cover of Marie Claire? Then you took a couple steps back, disbelieve but confirm that it was you? Ok I may be exaggerating but that's how it feels to me!

So, I went up to the lady in the counter and asked her where did she get the Women That Rock flyer from. She went blank at me. I knew she was going to do that. She never care much for me. Yeah, she has been nice when I walk in for my appointment, always the person who would tell you about the weather but after that, PMS symptoms kick in. I've always been afraid of her since PMS strike so often but not at that "Marie Claire" moment. I've got guts!

"It's confidential. Will be a privacy issue if I tell ya"

"I work there *Smiling away*"

"Nope, I can't tell you"

*A lil sad*

"But I designed it!"

Suddenly it just seem a little surreal. She wouldn't tell me even if I would have to punch her. I didn't say the last sentence out loud though. It's only for me to know and for whoever knows me.

YEY! *Pat in the back*


Anonymous said...

Tee hee hee! marie claire moment, i like that, haha! Champion lar u, high five!!


Jessie C said...

HEHE! HIGH 5!! Nothing champion la... looking back, it's just another flyer on a another place. :)