Jessie Jots...

Here's some sample of what happened in my drawing class. We were given many practise session with a mirror hung opposite us and draw ourselves... that is until I got sick of looking at myself in the mirror or I would puke green slimes if needed another one. Then we turned our attention to dear classmates who would patiently stay still for the sake of art.

*3/4 view self-potrait in charcoal. Size 18x24 drawing pad.

*To give you a sense of how big the paper is, I laid a pen on it.

*Group portraits in charcoal. Size 18x24 newspaper rough.
A look at my most patient group: Ashley, Dan and Ash. Each portrait was done in 10 minutes, a restriction set as part of the practise.

*Portrait of Sean Connaughty in charcoal. 18x24 newspaper rough.

There is much to improve with sense of proportion here, I think. Body is too big, head is too small (again). Second picture implies a lot about what's going on with Sean. I don't know if I captured his emotion in the drawing but on a side note, it was drawn just days after Sean found his best friend died on the bed, in his sleep. Cause of death was unknown.

On a silly note, sis said I can sit outside the Taiping zoo and start a business, drawing portraits. Sheesh

If all else fail, I'll try that.


sylvesteR said...

Whoa, nice portraits, keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to a further improved portrait, all the best and keep up the good job!!

Jessie said...

Hi Sylvester, welcome and thanks a lot. I will post more art work as I update this blog.

MaryKate said...

Hi Jessie, actually the pics are quite nice, more natural.

Jessie said...

Thanks marykate. I think you prefer art of this kind after the chair-scare. hehe :)