Not fun

Jessie Jots...

Hello everyone. I admit I have been inactive but aren't you too? hehe

Inactive is, honestly, the word to use at this time of the year. Jen would agree with me on this. We are experiencing the coldest days of winter. It has been -20 degrees Celcius (-4 F) for almost a week now and since I grew up in the ever constant nice, warm weather of tropical land and although I've been here for six years now, I still find it difficult to survive sometimes.

The winter is way under freezing point. Nothing can function at this temperature - not our body, not the squirrels, and not even our car. When we have to go out and run some errands, starting the car can be quite a hassle (and that's an understatement). Allow me to explain my routine for the past few weeks.

When I'm all dressed and before fixing breakfast for myself, I would put my winter jacket on, bend down and zip my boots on which usually leave me huffing and puffing because the jacket is on the way constantly. I would then wear my gloves and scarf and snatch the car keys. Once I'm out, I would brush the snow away from the windscreen (if it snow that day) and start the car to let it run for at least 10 minutes. Oh and I forgot, I have to wear the very essential lip balm or otherwise, the lips will start to crack like Edwards Scissorhand's. You've got to have that or it bleeds. Same goes to your knuckles, no lotion, no good. After starting the car, I have to run back into my apartment, have my breakfast for at least 10 minutes and when time is up, I put my coat back on, my gloves, my scarf, swan-dive to get my boots on, embrace the cold, hop into the car and then only I'm ready to drive.

Let's see what we do in Malaysia. Your friend calls you up in a sudden, saying she has coffee crisis and wants you to join. You hop up from the couch, put your slippers on, sit your butt in the car and zoom you go. Life was so simple back then... BUT me and my big mouth said I wanted to go overseas for studies. What was I thinking?!

No wonder the Minnesotans ask "What are you doing here?!"


Jen said...

I think that was the very first thing I asked you when I met you was just that, "What are you doing here in MN? You are going to freeze!" And what is worse is when the nose hairs begin to freeze-weirdest feeling ever!

ooi said...

LOL! Brrrr.. sounds way too cold, can't wait for spring :)

janediva said...

Nose hair? I cannot imagine... hehe

Jessie said...

OMG so true about the nose hair LOL. I was laughing so hard when you say that, Jen. You can feel them getting hard and I thought it was my erm... you know, something else that got frozen. I do use my nose hair as an indicator to when it's coldest. hehe!