The nest that I now live in

Jessie Jots...

Actually, I already drafted an entry about some portrait drawings for today but somehow I think it needs a little variety (other than art) here. hehe! You know, I've been all about my new apartment last few months. Since we moved in the mid-Sept 07, Hushby and I gave a lot of thoughts into this apartmenet to look like a place we anticipate to come home.

I didn't take pictures of my the bedrooms because it's just too many pics to pose on one entry. BTW, nothing much to see in the bedroom anyway but there will be something new in the work room (2nd bedroom) soon as we just ordered our very first own, very cool, self-bought HP desktop! I can't wait!! :D We will fill the room with a new computer desk and some shelves, and post in on another entry. Ok back to the story.

Mid-September 07: Here's some pictures of when we first moved in. You can see boxes strewn across the room and chucked aside and under the kitchen island, in which otherwise won't create any walking space for the tired residents. My sister was trying to snap some pictures of the new apartment when I was trying to get out of it, yelling "NO..." but once uploaded, I grew to like it because it is kind of funny. And mind you I did not make any chocolate mousse cake while sitting on the toilet bowl.

Ah Fall season. The green grass reminds me how much I miss being outside. That's a view outside the balcony.

Dec 07: After several months, you can see how some little bathroom makeover, coordinated with blue items can make a difference. When we came here for apartment showing the first time, this is what I fell in love with. The bathroom is huge compare to many other apartments we've seen and with tiled floor, which Malaysian wouldn't love it?

A view of our living room and our very first own couch, a one seater and a 5x8 red carpet from Ikea. Poor Hushby out in the cold there, sawing some wood for my Noise Box art project. It was a Saturday morning and we got an early warning of snow storm that day. So, both of us rush to get the woods done quickly before we become snow people.

The aftermath.

After finals, I had more time in my hand to kill, or more like, to work. Of course, as an obedient part time housewife, I do a lot of household chores on my free time. I kind of enjoy doing it because it seems like a reward to myself and pleasing husband is a hobby, no? Sounds dorky isn't it?! Haha

To celebrate my hardwork, we organized a much-awaited house warming event. Here's to what we've come up with.

From left is James, Hushby, me, John, Su Hoon, and Joey.

John and Sie Min share some laughters. Sie Min and Su Hoon on another side of the room.

Above are some of our mutual Malaysian friends who we invited over for a home made steam boat and play the Cranium board game. We then had another round of steamboat at 2am that day and our guests left at 4am. How crazy is that! It was fun but I'll never stay up that late again. Too old to do that.

I really enjoy my new apartment and it must have been the umpteenth time I've said this. Ok I better stop now.


ooi said...

Complimenti! Avete una casa molto bella e grande!

Jessie said...

Complimenti is praising. Bella is beautiful.. grande is big or great. I think I got the message. Thanks so much! LOL

MaryKate said...

nice blog..will be hopping in often, happy new year

Jessie said...

I'm glad you think so. Welcome and thank you, Marykate

janediva said...

Must pay a visit to your lovely home one fine day :) Hey, you've got a new reader there :p