My first clay project

Jessie Jots...

Imagine sitting on a bench for at least 4 hours a day, holding wet clays that dries up in seconds. You try to bend it, curve it, flatten it but it breaks as you do so. You continue to work on it the next day for 6 hours, forming it to something you deliberately wanted it to become but it keeps drying up.

I had to wear different type of clothing for my 3D class, believe or not. Since what happened, I've only been clad in old pair of jeans and t-shirts from then on. Lesson learned when I wore my most favorite blouse to class on first day of class. I knew I was going to work with clay but I didn't know how messy it can get. When I was done with class, my lovely vintage blouse was filled with patches of orange clay everywhere... making me look as if I just tumble out of the jungle from Rambo chasing me. I still had to make my usual 10 minutes walk to the bus stop and can you imagine how a girl, with clays all over hair and blouse would look like on the street? Not a pretty sight.

Nevertheless, I managed to complete the clay project, in which the aftermath was so unbearable that I had to go for a 60 minutes massage. The point of reference given was a size 8 trekking shoe (I think it's a priceless possession of egoistic professor's, but he never want to admit it that is his. I wonder why) and we're suppose to use clay and form it to look like the real thing.

*Shots of object of reference

*Shots of final product, painted with acrylic (dark green, charcoal black, ivory, elephant grey, and red orange)

*Baked clay shoe before painting

On due date, my classmates were so mad at me (as in 'envy' mad, or so I think). When I left it on the table, they couldn't believe my professor would leave behind considering that it was his priceless possession. It seems to them that I set the bar too high but I, on the other hand, didn't even think I did a good job because I knew where I fake my flaws at. Hah... I bet you can't tell either.


ooi said...

Woah! Impressive work! I admire your tenacity and ability to sculpt such an uninspiring subject to an object of beauty ;)

janediva said...

The clay work looks better than the real thing.

Jessie said...

Thank you and thank you!! Don't know what to say... too flattered. haha