We've Moved!

Jessie Jots...

Yes I have moved. Couldn't be happier in this new place. Unlike many other apartments we've seen, this apartment is really posh but at an affordable price.

We moved in on Saturday, working out our muscles for about 12 hours before calling it a day. Then on Sunday, we work for another six hours to get some other small stuff from our old apartment to the new before calling it "that's enough!" After that, I had to work on my drawing with charcoal and look for some ideas for the upcoming project with plaster. On Monday morning, I had to go to school early enough to work on the armor a little bit and putting it on in a piece by the display cabinet.... and gosh, are you tired from just reading this post?

Every blog I see, there's sure going to be blogs people say

"I'm tired!"
"I'm stress out"
"I have too much to do"
"I don't have time!"

I get tired from reading other bloggers getting tired. But this time, I have to admit it, I am really exhausted myself. I yearn for a relaxing one hour long massage but hushby is too 'straight' to see it. Maybe I should start winding like many wives do.


janediva said...

hushby? so cute haha...

Jessie said...

Haha ya, that's what I call him.