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Yep, if you haven't notice... I'm quite fickle-minded. I really don't like any of the bloggers.com blog template and if I have time to fool around with the html, I will. But at the moment, I will just stick with this... temporary.

And so we went to Emily's Wedding on September 29th. It was graceful, modern and very romantic indeed. We knew Emily back in the days of Target and had a lot in common. We both studied in St. Cloud before, we love kids, enjoy good food and wouldn't mind gaining ten pounds for a good juicy lucy burger.

Here's Emily's mom and dad walking her down the aisle... while Emily in her beautiful dress which her mom-in-law made for her. When I say beautiful, it is really beautiful! It's a little off-white, creamy color with very detail buttons on her back. The bouquet of flower is such a fresh look for the fall and not to mentioned, great accessories to match the gown.

As Noel and the bridesmaid awaits her, she walks up the stairs while greeted by Noel... with the Pachebel in Canon D song... Dang! What an intense moment, I tell ya. I could see her father all teared up, while Charlotte and I grip each other so tightly trying to contain ourselves, and not knowing, abandoned poor Yew Wai to stand on his own.

Black and bright pink were her theme color. A lot of people said to her that the color would be a disgrace to the wedding but I thought, being the 21st century human that I am today, it was really sophisticated and elegant when that two color paired up.

Oh HELLO, look's who playing along with the theme?

For the reception, we were all elegantly served with a four course meal dinner at a golf course overseeing a big scenic lake. As we stepped into the clubhouse, everything was just matching, matching, matching. The little gifts were in matching pink and black color filled with M&Ms, black napkins placed on glasses plus petals all over the table and they were the color of Emily's bouquet. How sweet.
As all good things must come to an end... we called it a day with some good dance and good laughs. We were all too glad that we finally get to see Jayde's mom and dad got married after five years being together. They couldn't be more perfect together and I'm sure her and his parents will always treasure them for years to come.

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