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I had a Sean Connaughty's class homework due last Monday... didn't have a chance to post the drawing but hey, here it is!

A self-portrait was due on a 18 x 24 drawing paper with graphite or charcoal. Unlike many others, I used charcoal because it is easier to draw and easier to make bigger changes when the drawing paper is huge. The initial drawing took me about one a half hours. And then, was later given critiques about how I can make self-portrait look more like me.

So, I took it home and draw it again, very much haunted by Sean's advices in my brain.

"Jessie, sit yourself some place with stronger lights...

measure with one eye close and extend your arm...

look at where the shadows go..."

I will not post the first disgusting work of myself here (also because it is just not worth yours and my time reevaluating the differences) but will post the second attempt and the third.

The second attempt took me about an hour or less. Then realizing that my eyes were located too high above the nose, which then make the nose look like it has been elongated. Very renaissance I thought. Speaking about renaissance, I should set a favorite Early Renaissance art here some
time soon.

Then, of course I had to rework it and aim for a better grade.

Here's the third attempt. I've done a little 'rubber surgery' on myself. Located my eyes lower to the nose and give the nose more definition by adding more shadows. Plus, I highlighted some of my hair to give the low and high contrast look.

In an ideal world, I would love for my face to look like this. No pores, no thick lips, great hair all day and all moles are ousted. hehe

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