First homework of the semester Part 2

Jessie jots...

As per verbal agreement, more updates on my art work. The two other drawings that I have yet to post.

They don't look exactly alike. She looks like a frog and the baby looks like a tadpole. After so many practises, still have problem with proportions and highlighting. The body is still my most challenging observation. Have to put in more effort already.

Second art work... I know, the middle girl look like a duck. For some reason, all my art work seem animated. Strangely, it was easier to draw the girl with the slanted head.

I wonder how I always do better in class compare to when I am drawing by myself. Samples of my evidence. From left, drawing done by medium vine charcoal, observation of alive and kicking subjects, posing for the sake of art.

Then, the next drawing is done with graphite (2B pencil), tracing outlines of the again, alive and kicking subject without looking at your paper. Sounds easy, but it's really tough. I'm most proudest with the drawing of the guy lying down on the floor, with his head resting on his hand. It is the most realistic as it can get.


janediva said...

Oh... never pormote your blog la. Hmpf!

Jessie said...

Just started la... :X

janediva said...

Updates updates updates!!