Special September twenty-ninth

Jessie jots...

Lots had happened in a week. Last weekend, I was looking forward for next weekend - Emily's wedding on 9/29. And here I am, already Friday. Can't wait to see her in her bridal gown, can't wait to see people I used to hang out with in Target, can't wait to see her little baby girl all spruce up too. It's going to be fun tomorrow.

9/29 also marks a day when Ying San will be flying off to Italy for her Masters degree. What a great person to have great things happen to her. For once and again, I agree that God is fair.

Here's a picture of good times of me and Miss Ying San. Couldn't figure out what Ying San and I were chatting about. My finger was pointing somewhere, so my best bet must be that there's someone or something we both had a common laughing at. Could be Keat Joo as she seem unaware of what's happening around her.

All the '99 Convent girls sat together except Azleena, who was the emcee for the wonderful black and white theme night. Out of a sudden, we noticed a well-wrapped two pieces of watermelon on the clothed table. The culprit? Our poor Ms. Ying San. She thought it's awful to leave the watermelons on the table when she can't throw it away, so just wrap them up for less obscenity purposes. And there goes Ai Nam laughing so hard just thinking was it really necessary. Glad I got this all on camera.

I remember what happened after that reunion was we all drove to a nearby McDs and chat til the wee hours. Everybody's eyes were half close and all yawning away but still wanna stick by for more laughs. Ah, sweet memories.

To Ying San, I had the greatest time last summer. Just to be able to meet with you again was exciting and comforting. Again, I wish you the best of luck for your future in Italy and don't forget to update your blog for me! hehe

Bon Voyage!

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