First homework of the semester

Jessie Jots...

Last weekend, I had a very good excuse to be out of the apartment for at least the afternoon. We've always been to the nearby Munsinger Garden by the Mississippi River but wasn't there for any legitimate reason.

And so, Sean Connaughty commanded 3 pieces of Gesture Drawing technique on a 18x24 inch drawing paper be done in 30 mins each and all due on Monday evening. Puzzle by the no-guidelines instruction, I opted to go to the Garden to see if I could get anything inneresting. I've not a clue what to start with.

We picked up some wraps with chips on the way there. Very economical and fun, undenieably a great sunny yippee lunch by the river. But as much as we would like to enjoy our wraps and smoothie in our own sweet time, bumble bees discovered us. So we had no choice but to shove our food down the throat before any further disruption.

Gladly unchoked and refueled, I started scouring for a good spot of a scenery or an inneresting something-something to draw. However, too much details - too much going on in the Garden.

Manage to find one later on, which was a brass vase or pot, whatever you named it... and some flowers/plants on it, over it, all over it and by it.

As you can see, a blank canvas... clueless but there's the brass vase and all the plants. Too much, just too much... I can't take it and it was cold too! Too cold to even bring my fingers out from the sleeves.

Oh, look at the consequences of being too ambitious. I did try though, however not as much as I like because of a sore shoulder and too much carb was already making me sleepy.

30 mins later...

I took off my glasses and nap...

I couldn't finish drawing the other two pieces on Saturday. We had to go to a football game as SCSU was playing at home and Charlotte, someone I knew from working in Target, invited us to be there as her handsome boyfriend was the band's conductor. Now I know where Charlotte got her hots for Glenn... he does look sexy when he is conducting. God, how dead serious.

Will post the other two piece in a jiffy.


ooi said...

hey babe, nice drawing!

janediva said...

Actually I didn't know you can draw so well :x