Why I need a blog?

And so Jessie Jots,

I've been dreading the day to start a blog like two years ago. A friend once told me and insisted that I should, due to the fact that I have a life interesting enough to start a book, needless to say, start a blog. Oh, how flattering...

Hardy ha-ha.

So here I am, already created a blog of my own, not because I think a book company will try to publish my life story but I remember Alex saying, "do not underestimate the power of journaling". I remember reading somewhere in Yahoo news too that the blogosphere is oh-so-needed in today's world as life is becoming more and more complicated. You need to rant, you need to your pay taxes, you need to share and not everyone has the time to lend you an ear. Hence, the blog!

And you ask, what's your fear Ms Rubbernecker? Well, I fear the idea of being under the spotlight. I fear being under public scrutiny - showing people what I can reflect or what I am incapable of can be quite a shame. And most importantly, I fear because I cannot write well.

But then again, I began to see that blog is not about ENGL 101 and I don't have to expose to the masses anyway.

If I didn't start a blog, how can I look back one day and recall all my precious time with some of the people I care for. As you know it, life is a passage. It is a one way street and it can only be comprehended when look backwards. I sighed and wished that blog would exist when I was little. I wished that I knew how to type and speak in English at five years old when life was the happiest. And I guess right now, it's never too late to start.

Allow me to digress. Lets see...

I grew up in a small town, raised in a typical Malaysian family of five, my parents grew up poor, hence the kids grew up frugal and love thrifty items, always concerned about doing well in studies, always active with sports, then lost my dear grandma, lost my best friend, mourned over it, grew fat and bored... you get the drill - all the ups and downs. Life started to change dramatically almost every month since I've been in the US. And since then, I have always been under the impression that I am anticipating for something "great" to happen. It's like I just knew and I could feel that people around me are anticipating it too. But I couldn't figure out what it is that I will be doing that it is worth waiting for considering that I'm this twenty-five year old woman who is recently married, unemployed and now a Graphic Design student... nothing too eventful to see a life taking its action.

Well it is my bad if I've been such a vain pot in the blog about how life will turn itself out for me. BUT if the "great" ever happens, I want to look back in this blog and tell myself, "hah I've told you so!"

Thanks Alex aka Ms Smith, for the inspiration to start a blog. I'm starting to realize life is becoming more interesting at this point. You will see reports coming in soon.


janediva said...

I'm gonna stalk your blog from today onwards :)

Jessie said...

Gee thanks! :D