Lazy or rational?

Jessie Jots...

I woke up super early today, and still very excited to be in this new home of ours. So happy that there's ample of room everywhere for everything and I don't have to get my legs bruised from avoiding the furnitures anymore. We're still in the process of unpacking and boy, am I glad to get three time the size of closet compare to the old one. By just adding $50 bucks to our rent, we get two rooms and all this space. Oh dear... a dream come true!

And so then, I did my usual thing, brush my teeth, take a dump, wear my clothes, blow my hair straight, put a pin on it, eat my cereal, pack my bags and ready to head off to the bus stop. I step out of the apartment at least 7 minutes earlier taking in consideration that it's raining out, it might take me a while to get there. Just as I was to approach the bus stop, the bus zoom away from me and I had to walk home.

Because of that, I decided to skip my 9:30am class. Now, I like to think this is a rational decision but I also sounded lazy and taking advantage of the 'miss-the-bus incident'. I told Hushby why...

... I had to skip because:
- If I drove to school, there's no parking spot. Even if there's one, I can only park two hour max.
- Public parking spots are usually at least 2 miles away from my art building, with the rain, it feels like 5 miles.
- My shoes will be wet
- I carry 2 bags to school. One for two hefty textbooks, 1 liter of water and some notebooks and the other, art supplies, drawing papers, scissors, ruler, black paper, and my lunch box.
- Oh, and I have to carry my umbrella, not forgetting, wet shoes.
- If I couldn't make it in time to move my car out of the spot in that two hour time frame, I will get a $20 fine, which of course, I've been fined before. Ouch

Feeling all excited to go to my most favorite class of the semester - History Art II with Dr. Levy earlier this morning was very dissapointing to me after the bus mishap.

But I can't help feeling guilty!


I have to comfort myself. I missed class this time is because I am rational. Yes, rational!

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janediva said...

It happens all the time to me :x yes, it is rational when you're a student. How I wished skipping work is rational to my boss :p everybody skips classes so don't worry too much :)