Food in August

Ok brace yourself. Scroll down and be prepared to feel a little nauseous from these pictures. When we have guests around, that's what we tend to do. The loaded fridge almost burst through the seam a few times.

I actually have more foodie pictures than this but I'm just going to show the ones that stood out throughout August. Have I said my Mom-in-law is a great cook?

And don't ask me why everything in the US is so big!

Coz they just are. lol Lobster and crab and everything that swims in between prepared by Hushby. They are cooked in a seafood boil with Cajun seasoning. We dumped in the potatoes, clams and sweet corn. We all ate with our hands like gladiators fighting the lions. One of the most expensive dinners I ever had at home! Haha It was good and I have enough! I think I won't be having lobsters or crabs for the next two years.

Moving on to something smaller and dainty...

Here's my first ever Keh Nui Ko (Steamed Egg Cake). Not very successful as the middle part is still of the wet batter. The top and sides are however, all very successfully steamed and fluffy. The taste reminds me of Grandma stirring me a hot cup of Milo and having a piece of Keh Nui Ko for breakfast. I will make that again when I miss her.

Another personal favorite of mine for Chinese New Year, other than the Ti Kueh (Glutinous Rice Cake), is the Peanut Cookies. They are quite easy to make but just a bit more laborious when toasting the peanuts. Recipes can be found at Auntie Lily's website. Keep in a tight container and I have snacks all month long!

Food we ordered at the Belacan Grill, a Malaysian operated restaurant in Tustin. From left, Stir-Fried Belacan Kangkung, Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken with Red Gravy) and Ampang Yong Tau Fu (Ampang Stuffed Tofu with Fish Paste). Satisfaction!!!

After feeling inspired by the Malaysian restaurant, we tried our hands on Acar Awak, without cabbage. The taste is heavenly, subtle yet complex. Sweet and sour, crunchy and spicy. Goes with rice and fried noodles anytime! The dish can keep for a week, which is a good thing but it is also another laborious dish. To make this much of Acar, be prepared with at least 2 pair of hands and to stand in the kitchen all afternoon. Make sure to also soak the boiled vegetable with the sambal overnight before serving. Don't forget to sprinkle sesame seeds and crushed peanuts too! :) Yummmmm

Wat Tan Hor or the Hokkiens called it Char Tua Pan. My mother-in-law was very kind to make this another Malaysian favorite of mine for me! with regular koay teow (flat rice noodle). It tasted almost the same except that it does not have the burnt smell that you would get from at the hawker stall, which is fine too. Still super yummy!

She also made her own version of Yong Tau Fu and homemade fish paste at home for US! MIL stuffed the Tofu, Eggplant and Chillies with the fish paste she prepared earlier. Leftovers are made into fish balls. She then made a brown sauce that consists of the leftover oil which fried the veggies, oyster sauce, soy sauce and cornstarch to thicken before pouring over the dish to serve. HUAH Unbelievable!!

Because we just bought a new patio set for 200 dollars! Whoopee! another Score! It was only natural that it has to be celebrated with a grill session. I bought a few scallops, a piece of big steak and two pieces of really fresh Salmon steak to grill. They are beautifully paired with lots of grilled mushroom, corn, bell peppers, zucchini, eggplants, sweet potatoes AND a bottle of Shiraz.

For dessert, I made easy 3-ingredient Plum Tart. The baked goo-ey plums on the crunchy puff pastry? Taste like buying a gorgeous designer dress at a 80% discount sale! SWEET!

To sum it all up, I had a greaaat time indulging but I am also in dire need of a 14-day detox program! I weighed in to discover an extra 3 pounds over a month of gluttony. Serve me right!


zleenz said...

mak aiii... lobster diaa... ketam dia punn... @_@ @_@

janediva said...

Tears and saliva all come together...

KcomeKarolina said...

oh! i just bumped into your blog! niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee one! i'm happy to have found this place :D
xoxo from rome

Anonymous said...

Woah.. u beraya b4 everyone else, lol! The pics looked great, the food must have been better!


Jessie C said...

Az & Jane: LOL!!! Good to know you're having a wild time with the pics.

KcomeKarolina: Thanks for visiting! :) Welcome.

San: Haha not necessarily better than buka puasa food!!

Purple SouL SARA said...

oh wow... sori for being late.. i just got a bit of time to catch up with blogs.. wah wah look at the food. my mom is an expert wt the acar awak..she also doenst add the cabbage - 1 day i take pics k :)

Jessie C said...

hey no worries! did you learn how to make acar yourself? it's quite an extensive process but it's fun to spend time with the family while doing it. :)