Peeper Piper Pooper

Try to say that fast!

I've caught myself calling Pipi, Piper lately. I've been calling her that name for a while now and she response. Weird! I don't even know how I started changing her name. Guess the fact that she rids of pest, I am reminded of the story I used to read as kid called the Red Pied Piper. haha! Sometimes I also call her Pipe, Pooper, Peeper... anything that starts with a P... but Piper is most prevalent.

As of late, my Persian feline has look like she lost tons of weight. I don't think it's the move that might have cause it. It is most probably the season. I have never own a cat in a four season location, so I never knew. Obviously, I had no idea they shed like crazy in the summer and then gain its fur back in the winter. I only learn it now because this is my first summer here with Piper.

Taken back in February and March, here are the before pictures:

"I am Zee Poopertraitor"

And here's now:

"Piper likez sidding on laddarz"

Drastic huh? HAHA! She sheds even more now. We've groom her at least twice a week and got off like a sweater's worth of wool from her. Her tail is not as fluffy anymore :( sad! But I know we'll get it back in winter. No wonder she loves hanging out in the cold so much. hehe!


zleenz said...

wow... i didnt know cats shed fur..seriously :P (maybe coz back here "summer" 24-7, 365 a year, they never show drastic changes like dat) thnx for the educational info... hihiik...

"Piper" looks cute both ways... cuddlyyy... *_*

janediva said...

Yeah I noticed you calling different names when I was in your house. My family members call Max with different names too... Mac, McBooBoo, BooBoo, MekMek, Wag Tail Boy Boy... they know. Bushy or not... still very cute :)

Anonymous said...

She actually looks younger when she hav less fur, hehehehe!


Jessie C said...

Az: I didn't know either! I just knew it after flipping through the pictures :D hehe

Jane: Haha!! Don't we all just simply give out names? It's crazy. I even call Mimi as Meemer and she knows. LOL

Siew: I agree. The less fur makes her look like a kitten.