Jessie jots...

Ma, look at what I've got! Our friend Soon Aun brought this all the way from Penang for us. I'm so honored!

I'm a Malaysian in Heaven!

First pic is of a box of pastry from Tambun. The next picture is what you really need to make really, really good curry and have a really, really good meal in a fraction of time you would spend on making the real stuff. Can't wait to scoop the rice that will be soaked with the curry with my bare hands and taste them all with a push of thumb into the mouth.... MmmmMmmmMmMMmmm


zleenz said...

fuyoooo can smell the curry di.... nyam-ness :)~

Jessie C said...

Az, I just had it... will show you the pic in next post. So so good... jari pun nak telan

Anonymous said...

HUIYOH! make me lao nua and hungry all of a sudden!!

Amber Choo