Day 2

Jessie jots...

Day 2 demolition was a lot more productive than Day 1. So here's Day 1 pic, in case you forgot how it looks like.

Here is prove that the Jessie Chiang works her butt off too!

My glasses really help to protect my eyeball from getting hurt. haha!

Yew Wai and I took turn to take over the chisel and hit the tiles off one by one. In between, I plied the base board off from the walls. The baseboards are the one that sits on the wall, on top of tiles. It might not be that noticeable as it is short and thin but if you look on the pic above, you see it on the right of me. We are planning to put a better base board that has more modern pattern on it.

Two hours forward, my Hushby got hungry. We reheat lunch that I packed in the morning in the newwwww kitchen. Knowing that I had leftover chicken curry from Friday night, I fried some rice noodle (Char bi hun) in the morning to accompany all that delicious goodness from the curry. Boy oh boy, it was heaven. The best thing Malaysian ever invented! Bihun and curry together... can't get enough of it! :P~~~

By the way, isn't it typical that most Malaysian construction workers have this kind of food for lunch? Curry with bihun or curry with rice? hehe

When the food is all warm up, we took the wood floor samples and use it as a place to sit on, away all the dust. Luckily we have three of them. Can you tell which floor color we chose?

The one we put our food on! Yup this one. Can't wait til' it all fill up our floor.

After four hours, we ended up with more linoleum floor showing up. Good for us that we are halfway there to getting rid all the tiles but bad for us that we still need to tear the plasticky linoleum floor and scrape the concrete floor.

We filled up our garbage bin and was unable to put more tiles in it. So we left the mess like that and left. Haha Lazy maggots you might call us but our legs were already trembling from all that squatting and my wrist were starting to hurt from all the pounding. Yet, we both felt that it is all so worth it! So look forward to Day 3.


Anonymous said...

I can already imagine your wooden floor filling up the room ;-D~ let me send you something you gonna like.

Amber Choo

Steven Sim said...

Wow, really respect the DIY spirit. For better or for worse, in Msia, it's cheaper to hire contractors to do it. Jorin and I just got down to renovate our house; we got the key somewhere last month and I had to delay the makeover coz I had a couple of outstation trips till now. I got a contractor yesterday; and by today, 30% of the work is done! He told me by tomorow, his part (tearing walls, putting up archways, building new fence, and new floor tiles for living room) is done completely. Then it's round 2 - rewiring, doors, ceiling.

I would love the DIY part but looking at ur photos, it's really killing I am sure! But we'll decided to save cost by doing the paint job ourselves, with some friends' help...hehehe...so yeah, a bit of diy hm improvement there.

Incidentally we were playing with the idea of calling our house Number Twelve. LoL

Good luck with the work over there! Keep us posted!

Steven Sim