Loving Jane in OC

Jessie jots...

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Jane's visit was short, well actually not that short considering it was four days of fun but when two girls meet up, time flies. The energy just keeps running and it is hard to keep the switch off. We talked, shopped, eat and drink non-stop. Poor Jane had to witness another laughing Jessie because of some cheapo wine. Hushby and Jane think I was drunk, but my argument is, I wasn't... at least I know where my bed is and walked to it, in the dark :P

I digress. But at the bottom of my heart, I really hope miss Jane had some fun. Many of our mutual friends didn't know this and I, myself had vague memories about what we, Jane and I used to do while in college until she reminded me. Jane used to see me a lot while I was in KDU. She would come over during her school holidays because where she studied was a hellhole. Because Penang is so happening, I was often the tour guide to bring her out for food and recreation. So when Jane visited the OC, doesn't it sound like we just had to relive those old times?

Relive the old times we did. It was like food for the soul. I have not felt so supported and so cared to have a girlfriend by my side. Imagine not having a girlfriend who can help you decide which dress to get? What color looks good on you? And how to do your make up that can bring out the best feature in you? I miss all of that! When Hushby tells you that everything you wear from the changing room looks great, you sooo miss your girlfriend. Sorry, no offense Hushby... sometimes girls just got to have their girls' day out and I can't fake you into a girl. You're awesome at what you do... so let me find another victim.

Although Jane and I procrastinate to do our homeworks, I still had the greatest time over Spring Break. To me that was so worth it. There's so much to do here and we both simply enjoy discovering new places and new type of foods. Good thing is, being tour guide was easy breezy especially when this special guest is no picky eater.

I went a little bonkers with Jane's Canon EO5. The camera clicking is so addictive! It is now officially in my wish list.

After some homework during the day, the girls got a little hungry and Hushby suggested we go to Salvatore Cucina for some authentic Italian food before Jane's departure. Jane did my make up for me and it was the most relaxing thing we did all week. The smooth, soft touches of her hand can put me to sleep but I had to stay up for the colors to stay put at places you want it to stay put. Thanks for the make up babe! I love it!

It was tough to say goodbye however, I know it won't be the last I will have her over. There will be more girly times to come... right Jane? :)

See Jane's post for more pictures.


zleenz said...

1 word = EnVY

Jessie C said...

Az, you come here lah, don't malu malu ok. Then Jane pulak Envy lol

tjey said...

Wow..you girls look beautiful!!

Jessie make sure you do your make up like that everyday,really brings outyour smile and eyes!

Jessie C said...

Tjey, everyday? haha I wish wei... if only Jane stays with me and be my personal make up artist.