BNP Paribas Open at the Spring

Jessie jots....

Sorry for neglecting, yet again! Totally bump with stuff to do and a vacation we slot into March back in November. If we know what we would be doing now like the house purchase et cetera et cetera, we wouldn't have act like a crazy person and plan for a vacation. However, since tickets for the Paribas Open were bought way back... we had to go to.....

Palm Springs. What a beautiful place. I've disliked the desert scene since going to Vegas two years ago because of its heat. But in March, the desert sight is a lot prettier and the weather is beautiful. The snow capped mountain still exist and the flowers just started blooming. We stayed at the Springs in Desert Hot Spring where it is 30 minutes drive from Indio Wells, and where the B&B is well-known for its mineral spring water that actually comes from the earth. I am sucker for natural spa stuff like that. In between tennis games, I thought the Inn can be really nice retreat... and it was.

Right after we checked into the poolside room with a furnished kitchen, we headed out to Indio Wells where the real thing is happening. When we bought the ticket for the BNP Paribas Open, we had no clue who was going to play on the days we bought ticket for. So it was a real treat for both of us when coincidently, the tickets we bought for Friday night was when they host the Hit for Haiti event and all the tennis stars came in for the show.

As much as I would love to see Andre Agassi play and chat for the next few hours, the highlight that night to me however was being surprised with an appearance from Tony Bennett, singing one of my favorite songs, Smile from Charlie Chaplin. He was DA BOMB. I remember watching him on Oprah Winfrey just a few months ago and told myself, I will never get to see him live knowing his age and rare appearances. But what do ya know? :)

On Saturday morning, we head out early again to see more tennis games and spent the whole day at the Baripas Open. I was toasted, and so was Hushby. The afternoon sun was too hot but once after 3pm, we reach out for our winter coat. The drastic change in temperature is quite hard to get use to. We saw a lot of great games that day, great shots after great shots and we were satisfied! By the way, James Blake is wayyyy hotter than Andy Roddick. LOL So then, we went back to the hotel after a night game, cook ourselves some pasta with a store-bought pasta sauce, and soaked into that hot mineral water wonder.

Somehow, blogspot is not allowing me to upload more pictures... so unfortunately this is only what you get to see. I will try again later if any luck.

That's that for a weekend trip to Palm Springs. It was a refreshing way to get out of the routine. :)

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Jane said...

It's fun to have weekend getaway like that. I know it will keep me sane :)