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Don't worry, I'm still here. I did not fall of from the face of the earth and disappear. It has been a busy ride since I started school in August and I am now officially done with the first semester's FINALS!!!! WOO HOO!! Six classes... and I just found out I aced 5 of them. Giving myself a pat in the back now coz I really did work hard, extra hard if I may say but I cannot do it without the help and support from the Hub. He has been such a big help since I've always been on the go every minute. He does it all for me without leaving me to worry about anything except food. He gets up earlier than me, shower and prepare breakfast. Sometimes he even knocks while I'm showering and ask how I like my eggs done, "Dear? Half boil or sunny side ups?" And at night, he pours me glasses of water while I work on my project. When my arms get tired, he gives me a quick session of massage. And when I had to cut any printed papers, he prints it out for me and automatically take the scissors and cut them. Not forgetting that he also does my laundry, groceries and dishes. Or even bring me shopping when I need an extra sweater. All I had to worry is completing my project in time and finish it flawlessly. I don't know what did I do to deserve Hushby but for sure, now I am fully aware that I am very, very lucky.

I have about 3 weeks of holiday before next semester starts in January 19. Today will be the first day I am going to 'veg out' and play Super Mario until I puke. Then only I will plan a day to clean up my mold-infested toilet and take over the laundry myself. That's the start. I'm also thinking I might have to bake some cookies for the people who thought about us, namely my chiropractor. She and her staff has always given me freebies and has done so much for me without extra charges sometimes - again I'm so lucky. So I thought the cookies are going to be just a perfect way of showing some appreciation to them.

But for now - allow me to go on a snooze and I might decide to doze off but I don't know... that's the beauty of Fridays isn't it? Unplanned, easy and laid back. Have a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS babe!! And honorary mention to YW hehe.. and pipi too!