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Another perspective homework handed in! Wooo hoooo..... It took me two weeks, TWO WEEK! of hard work and bending over constantly, measuring... with a T-square ruler and a long ruler for the two-point perspective drawing. If you can tell, the two points are located outside of the drawing paper, on the board. We need the board to draw because using the points, we can measure the angle of the line for object we're drawing.

When the class was given the project of 2 point perspective, the parameter includes exterior AND interior illustration as well. My mind went blank, I had no clue where to start. All I could think of and my only inspiration is to draw that Olive Spa I did two years ago... maybe bump it up a little more now that perspective knowledge is in my head. But that would be redundant and I would pretty much draw the same thing. But because that was a see through building as well, I knew I wanted to do another building that's invisible, maybe bigger... with stairs, bookshelves, and elevators... a library!

I drew a couple of thumbnails for myself and the instructor came to look. One of them struck his eye, which is a 5-tiered building, that almost resembles a wedding cake and he said he loved it. It was my least favorite, but he told me one of the tallest building is built this way too, one block stack on top of the other. Simple as that... true enough, I searched online and it IS one of the tallest building in Taipei!

Suffice to say, the complicated self me was convinced that it is going to be a good drawing -because it is simple and it looked like a cake - my instructor said, there can be potential. As soon as I started the first layer, after laying out the foundation of the 3-dimensional blocks, then only it started to grow on me.

Second layer, I lay out all the stairs, making sense where it goes and where it end up on each floor. I had to make sure of where the stairs begin and end in order to find ways to facilitate the bookshelves, chairs, table and lighting.

Then the third layer consist of putting it all down - the grand slam. The doors, the elliptical chairs, the sidewalks, the tiny books - man, they take forever to draw!

Photograph version

Scanned version

And finally, here's the red carpet moment - all proper and ready. The fourth layer is to transfer all finalize drawing on a vellum sheet. Still, the pencil markings smudges and I can't do much about it coz as human, I perspire... especially standing long hours for this project.

And here's the scoop, I'll be using the same drawing for my Photoshop class in its final project. I will be coloring it using photoshop and possibly, may be adding some figures into the drawing to show interactions in it. If that's not possible, I might just get the building colorized and create an architectural presentation as if launching a new building, promoting its glory to the community. I'm being ambitious again but hopefully it will turn out alright - and I only have less than a week to do that! Help!

If there's anything that will break my spine, it is this project! Me and my ever ambitious mind always tend to over-complicate any given project. I went to class to find everybody else's was simple, clean and stunning. Why can't I just be like that? But great news is, tons of people have complimented on this work. The pinnacle of it all is when my ever-so-impress instructor took this work with him and show it to the school's president. The word "CRAZY!" was blurted out (don't worry, I take that positively), and the president said he was impress that the student is in this college.

And this student also happened to be the girl who walked into the office, looking for her advisor, who had asked him "Are you Dan Jensen?" not realizing she just spoke to the low-key President who also did not introduce himself after being mistakenly addressed. Ah embarrassment.

Behind the scene:

In the midst of taking photos of my work, the feline needs attention as well. She is never away when I am taking pictures of something... always nearby and some times I think she knows where I point and shoot too coz she's always there!

What a busy body. If anyone ever notice, Pipi always like to block one's view. If I were on the laptop, she'll sit on my keyboard.... or in this case, she would stand in front of the drawing preventing from taking pictures. Well apparently, she argues, she likes to check out my work too. It's so annoying when she does that because I had to carry her away from my view, go back to my spot and she's back again in action in like 2 seconds. Then, after several times of doing so, I would lock myself in the room and cry "LEAVE ME ALONE" but Pip does not resist. She scratch on the door and beg with her meows "LET ME IN". At which point in time, I'll be done taking photos of my work and she comes in, sit there and just look at me. GRRRRR


tjey said...

Wow.Very impressive gurl!

dolly said...

Pipi is so so sooo CUTE!

Jessie C said...

Thanks Tjey. :D

Dolly, she said thank you