Yellow Submarine

Jessie jots...

How's everyone doing? It's been quiet... I wonder why. Nobody's been updating their blog and nobody's been stopping by. Maybe it's the holiday season, maybe people are just bored with the internet and just want to stop blogging altogether. Guess that I'm going to be the only one around on the blogosphere talking to myself... though there are times I too, have contemplate to quit blogging due to my heavy workload, but I couldn't bear to see all the effort maintaining this online journal be put to a halt.

Tomorrow, Hushby and I will be heading to LA again. This time, to the Canadian Embassy to get a Canada visitor's visa. He is going for a business trip; I am just applying just so, in case I ever wanna drop by, I can. haha Maybe this Christmas, there might be a white Christmas after all. Since he will be there for weeks, I might as well make a trip to Vancouver and get out of the rut for a bit.

Meanwhile, enjoy this little video I made for my Maya class. Allow me to explain: as an individual project, I modeled the little submarine with a rusty texture on the surface, and then animate the propeller for motion. After the modeling is done, the submarine is placed on a sea floor scene, colored with sea foam mist. Texture is also added as the sea floor emits bubbles (some are not working in my video) for the believable underwater scene. Lastly, the animation scene is captured with 2 main camera angles. One at perspective and one following the swimming submarine which can be seen at the second phase. Overall project took about 20 hours to render. It could have been better but oh well... there's only so much I can do. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Yeah its been a lil quiet around the blogosphere, no? But u've set the ball rolling again ;)
I was in KL last week, was pretty busy for the whole week, and now that I'm back in BM, I've been working on my portfolio. Well I'm sure you know how frustrating it is to compile a cohesive portfolio that ties your body of work together!
Anyhow, when are you going to Vancouver? Enjoy your time there k, take break from all that designing. Btw, cool animation ;) Way to go.. I see Pixar quality in the near future, hehe!


Jessie C said...

haha Vancouver? Long story. Not going anymore... but maybe for Summer

See it in the next post.