A Human Body

Jessie jots...

This woman has confused me, I'm not even gonna talk about it. The picture you see here is actually a real picture turned into a computer illustration. That was my first project from the class, using vector lines in Illustrator and honestly I thoroughly enjoy it until I had to draw her face. Then it reminds me of 'pengalaman pahit saya' (my sour experience) with this woman... and the reason I had to use her picture is a long story. But you've probably seen another version of illustration I did last year - Glamour. And I have to admit that back then, my design wasn't as well-planned and purposeful compare to the current one which is more well-rendered, as far as for the colors, shapes and keeping it minimal to a degree that one can tell its value - agree? Self-praise, pulak.

ANYWAY, *deep breath* I had a great time working on this project... so I forgave her. Haha

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