Headswap with Photoshop

Jessie jots...

I used to hate my red rounded Rudolph nose, my protruding lips, my oily hair and my light eyebrows... well, not anymore. I have finally accepted and appreciate them as my own features.... thanks to this Headswap project in our photoshop class. I saw some of my classmates headswapping of me and though they did a really good job, the look they created for me totally make me want to grow old with what I have. They swap my lips with another man's, and added beard to my chin... if I really had that, or that Asian boy's thick lips... or that Mexican guy's big pointed hairy nostril nose, I would cry!!

Here's my version of some other people. Click to enlarge it.

The girl would probably be sad to find out she has that look but she didn't know. I'll save her from her nightmare! Well my picture is rather easy to spot but can you tell which is real and which is not?

Oh... on a side note, don't believe everything you see on the internet. A lot of them are retouch and it's impossible Madonna could look that good at 50! Maybe it's Botox... but then again, Photoshop does most of it!

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