Jessie jots...

I realized I haven't been posting a lot of art pieces for a long time. I should get the ball rolling again... after all, isn't it why the blog was up in the first place? :D

I stared at the model Jane Doe drawn here, hmm... probably for about 4 hours to finalize this drawing. And yes, she was stark naked seated less than 6 ft away in front of me... not even a tad shy of own birthday suit. WELL, not that she should anyway! Not that I want her to be less proud of what her Mama gave her... but, can you imagine yourself letting your boobs hang out in front of 20 over people in the room - who are, by the way, all dressed!

Obviously, I'm a lot more shy than she was eventhough I'm fully dress with layers. The more I observed how perfect the curve of her teardrop breasts is resting on her body, the more uncomfortable I get. And then when it comes to time for me to draw the lower part of her body, the more I feel shy about it, which shows in the drawing.

But what's an aspiring designer to do than to draw the most fundamental object in the world? I guess I just have to bite the bullet and just keep drawing.

Working on more. I have the male homosapien coming up.


tjey said...

How long does she have to stay there like that???How exciting!!Hope he is a cute one !!

Jessie C said...

She sat for 15 minutes, rest for 5, for about 4 hours. It's crazy... I can't imagine myself doing that.

He's not cute to me but he's got one heck of a body shape!