Make Sure You Really Want A Cat For A Pet

Jessie jots...

As I was browsing to buy a Ssscat cat deterrent product (I know that I'm cunningly cruel to do that to my own cat but allow me to explain myself), I came upon this review that was so frustrating yet entertaining to read. Pipi, a cute feline as she is, can make me so frustrated and so annoyed at times! Read this review from this person named BadBadCatMommy "MyCatsEternalServant. I'm so glad I did a little research on my pet cat problem, just knowing someone out there is in the same boat with me gives me determination. Please get to the moral of the story part... so true! I can attest to everything she confess here.

"Well, apparently, I have to admit that it's my own fault I ever had to buy this product in the first place. I went out of town for a couple of days and my cat apparently was miserable at my absence and expressed her displeasure by soiling an area of my carpet. I hereby humbly acknowledge that I deserve what I got for abandoning my little queen for two days. Nevertheless, I simply couldn't let her continue in her habit of wanting to go back to that spot over and over to soil, no matter how hard, or with what, I cleaned that carpet. So I bought the Ssscat product and put it in place after having cleaned the carpet as thoroughly as possible for the umpteenth time. And for a little while it worked wonders. The cat started using her litter box again and when the Scat squeeled and sprayed she jumped and ran. After a couple of months, however, my cat started to get ticked off that this Scat thing was standing between her and this spot on the carpet. So, she stalked it for a while, apparently trying to figure out how it worked. Eventually she figured out she could approach it from behind and knock it over. Of course, the motion sensor wouldn't stop going off after this, so I went to see what was going on. There was my cat, paw atop her prey from behind, in victory. I sat the thing upright and the next day saw her intentionally desensitizing herself to the spray. So I gave up on the idea that I would be able to rely on the spray to scare her away and fell back on the fact that when the motion sensor squealed I'd have to impress upon her the fact that I'd be there to shoo her away from the spot she so desperately wanted to get at. That worked for about a week. In other words, for about a week, she stayed away from the motion sensor and I didn't have to come running because of the squeals. Well, my cat hadn't forgotten the fact that I'd come running when the motion sensor squeals and now she intentionally just sits in front of it so that I'll come running (As long as something's sitting in front of the motion sensor, it keeps squealing). Her favorite time to do this is at 4AM when she wakes up and decides it's time for breakfast. This product has mostly served to turn my BELIEF that all living creatures are not only designed to adapt but are clever enough to eventually thwart our best efforts to change their behavior, into CONVICTION. You can best bet my cat will never be alone again. In fact, if I need to go out of town she'll get only the most posh kitty hotel. Thanks Ssscat for helping my cat relentlessly hammer home her point that I may never be allowed to forget my oversight in this case. I am now my cat's humble servant. Is that public confession enough, Princess??? Can I please have some peace, say for maybe another hour, now??? Could I please maybe sleep until 5am tomorrow??? (The moral of the story? Make sure you really want a cat for a pet before you get one. Dogs are tremendously more forgiving.) Oh, well, at least she's started using her litter box again."

I read it with a sigh of relief that my cat is not that bad, just yet... but the underlying problem is the same. The felines are too smart and brave, they outsmart the product and turn the canister or whatever we don't want them to do into an attention-getter.

Pipi doesn't have any litter problem (thank God!) or that she attack the Ssscat canister, but the fact that she wakes me up at 4am with her relentless meowing and that now, she became besties with the Ssscat by sitting beside it when the air spray is suppose to scare her, is what drives me nuts!

After all the money and time spent observing and politely asking her to stop, she still meows in front of our bedroom door around 15-20 times at 4 in the morning! Then she start the whole series again at 5am. And 6am and then 7am! Until Hushby wakes up for work, only is she satisfy that finally her human slave wakes up to attend to her royalty needs! OMG I'm totally at my wit's end now, at this very minute, trying to figure out how do I stop my super courageous cat from meowing before the birds chirp!

And from going into the kitchen cabinet that is already entirely smacked with double-sided tapes!

And to stop biting our toes when we are wearing her favorite socks!!


Azleena said...

wait.. is Pipi's head bigger than yours or is it just an illusion? haha.. it sure looks gigantic in the pixxies :D Cats are a bit manja ngan mengada-ngada.. known for dat.. I used to have cats last time.. but the normal malaysian street kinda cats... so a bit les mengada :P haha... btw.. i lovvee cats :D

tjey said...

hahahha..this is the funniest post ever!!!Your cat is so adorable!!!

Cannot imagine having a cat though...ehh jessie were u in 6 setia last time?...Last time our class got one pet kitten..I think name was nana.....

Jen Wahl said...

You are not alone...every morning Rambo wakes me up at 4/5 am by strutting around on the end of the bed, makes his way to our pillows, then finally lays down for a minute between us, then he gets punted across the room. He also like to attack our feet under the covers, ugh! If i do kick him out, the other cat, Morgan, if she is in the room will want out or back in the room in a moments time. Real annoying. I guess having cats that wake us up in the morning is just practice for getting us ready for when the day comes to have a baby and be waking up all the time. But still! Also Rambo purposely stares me down then knocks picture frames off the end tables while I am looking at him...he is such a jerkface! LOL

Jessie C said...

Az: No lah, I think it's illusion... the whole black thing is my head. I was actually laying my head down in front and the side of Pipi. She was licking my hair. haha you're right, they all memang pandai mengada. What to do? :P

Jey: Nope, I wasn't in 6 setia but I heard from someone about that Nana cat. LOL what a name... like something come out from my jerawat.

Jen: I feel for ya! That's why I sleep with the door shut. Jerkface indeed... knocking the frame off the table? Did you yell or shout NO at him? Would that help?
Preparing us for a baby? At least babies need milk and change diapers. These cats meow for nothing! So I won't entertain. hehe

May the force be with you Jen.

Charlotte said...

I love the photos, hilarious!! : D

ooi said...

Bow to me u lil slave.. bow lower.. i said lower! there.. now say, i will attend to your every whim and fancy, my warrior princess.. say it.. louder.. i can't hear u.. there.. good.. u may get up to fix my lunch now..