Green, Green! Yellow, Blue is there?

Jessie jots...

Vacuum here a little bit.

I wasn't away for long, was I? But it's getting a little dusty and my brain is getting rusty :)

My apology for being away. I needed more rest than I thought. The only remedy to healing now is take in more snooze... while combating with the guilt and frustration for being told to rest more, and do less. That's the last thing you want to hear, especially from a doctor so caring and so enthusiastic, even her keychain is a human spine, and especially when you were already seeing results from your weight loss plan, you can only reluctantly put your running shoes to gather dust. Everytime I come back from the one hour chiropractor's visit, I wilt like spinach on heat which takes place 3-4 days a week.

Despite being so tired and less energetic, I'm feeling much, much better than I ever did. I can now sleep through the night without a throbbing headache and shoulder aches, and that I can finally roll my eyeballs at Hushby without pain. Also, because he has to do the laundry and wash the dishes, I think I'm feeling even better. haha

If only this recovering process can be as speedy as Gonzales, I will be on the treadmill in a heartbeat. Ah I can't wait to get out there and jog, the weather is getting so, so nice! But don't worry, I won't break the rule and break my spine with more pushups. I'm obeying every rule the doctor laid out, and every signs my body gives. I'm getting really good at being patient and getting even better at being really, really lazy.

But ya know, you can count me in on this... coz I'm back blogging for sure.

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