Ya Made My Day!

Jessie jots...

What a fun chat with an old friend who came online in MSN a few days ago. We laughed, we joked, we gossiped, and we update none others than ourselves. Part of the conversation goes and what makes my day...

@L3X M@ says:
u and ur sister always very gaya (stylish) wan

VenusGal says:
we only wear cheap clothes from target

@L3X M@ says:
stop geh si (pretending)

VenusGal says:
haha really la (really, really)

You probably think that isn't much, but it cheers me up. Didn't realized people would think of me as stylish. For my sister, yes. I think she is. Me, not so much.

But if you're like me, when you wear PJs the whole day and snooze at noon, stylish is the last word to come to mind. And Alex's not aware that I'm not doing well now, so those words has to be sincere... I hope!

Because I felt motivated than ever, I took some of my old clothes and knock my socks off seeing that despite lazying around like a koala bear, I had lost an inch or two of my waist. The skirts that I used to suck my tummy in no longer needed any oxygen to hold in and zip 'em up. In fact, I am not only able to wear my old clothes, but they are a tad larger now. Sometimes I look into the mirror and recognize my old self again... a self once seen 8 years ago. Such a weird feeling!

Now I can't wait to go out shopping and get something that fits, only if there is anything is on sale in Target. If only Charlotte can lend me her 10% employee card. j/k :) Oh wait, I do have a $30 gift card for F21 which Joey didn't get to use. teehehe

Anyway... But since I don't have much energy to be as alert for sales and run amok for cute outfits, I focus on something more feasible, which prompt me to do this.

A girl's got to have smooth, pollutant-free skin, no? And the only way to do that is extract all that gunk out of the pores and slather on some Charcoal mask, right? Which is one mask that does wonders and one that I swear by! Joey loves it too. She wish she could have the whole tube, but sorry, you can use it when you're here.

See? Just because of Alex's wonderful, unintentional way of saying something positive to me, I'm all out to get myself beautified. I love this motivated feeling and I crave for more.

What makes your day?


janediva said...

Good to hear you're recovering. Please lah you're just being humble. You're stylish. Remember our outing in Penang eons ago? You wore your Versace pants and I loved it so much! We went to Sheraton Hotel(no more now) to play pool and the staffs there thought we were air stewardesses haha :p Good ol' times :)

Jo said...

arlow arlow..
the F21 gift card is from me right? haha i bought the bag then i return.
u still havent use it?
whos L3X M@ anyway?
am i stylish? oooooo

Jessie C said...

OMG Jane, well wearing a versace pants doesn't mean I'm stylish! LOL That's interesting information. I remember playing pool with you at sheraton (so much fun! :D) but that you knew what i was wearing, that's amazing brain cells you have there. Thank you so much for the compliment.

Arlow arlow... aiyo. sooo rude. LOL yep I haven't use it yet. No energy after I go into the store. Too many things to see.
That is ALEX MA.

janediva said...

But the pants had great cut! Versace or not I don't care lah :p I remembered grey color some more hehe.

zleenz said...

ahahha... i pernah use mask like that to scare alisa while she was sleeping in her room (hostel)... ahaha... she really thot she saw a ghost... eee.. we mmg jahat!

yeahhh.. jessie's back! Good to hear you are recoverin... and yaa.. u look stylish to me! more than i am definitely.. haha.. me and styling is like water n oil...