And the Tabby Princess Reports

Jessie jots... what Pipi says...

Hello Mommy's friends! At last! I'm not wearing that stupid cone anymore. I hate that thing... I don't even know why I'm banned from cleaning myself. I'm still bald on my left paw and my tummy. I didn't know what happen but the moment I wake up that one day, everything was bald! I licked and there is no hair! I was dissapointed but my fur is growing back very slowly. I am sure, in no time, I will continue to be regal, just like what I used to be.

Mommy says I must tell her friends that I'm finally back to my good ol' self. I don't feel pain anymore and I can now jump up to the toilet sink like how I used to. I love drinking water from there... only Mom and Dad can control the magic fountain. She said I'm feisty, but I just like to have fun. Mommy bought me two new toys the other day and I wwuuvvvvv it! One is a long tunnel that makes crinkly noise when I go in and the other is a feather that flies on its own.... but funny it only fly when Mom is around.

I meow to Mom a lot lately and she doesn't seem to understand. I misss her SO SO Muchhh... and she only look back and ask if I want water or food. I don't want that! I just want her to look at me and be with me and sleep with me and play with me. I was away for three weeks, I haven't been with Mom and Dad much. Only at night. That makes me sad!

The doctor and the nurses in the animal hospital were very, very kind to me. I think they love me a lot but I don't like them. They talk to me often but I don't understand their language. They sound different from Mom and Dad. I don't like the food and their cage, it made me feel icky. I hate it when they take needles and poke me... those things make me sleepy. I didn't have appetite. Doctor thinks I am being difficult by not eating but I just want to go homeee... When Mom bring me home, I eat like a cow.

I heard doctor told Mommy that it was OK to leave me there during the afternoon for the next few days. I quickly yell NO NO NO... luckily Mom seem to understand me and didn't take me back because I don't like my doctor. She squeeze me and kiss me all the time. She didn't smell like Mommy and I don't like her curly, fluff hair, it always get in the way.

I wuuuuvvvv my home sweet home... When I get home, I check every corner to make sure nothing has change. Even better when Daddy's around. He doesn't know how to play with me but he likes to carry me and scratch my back. I like how Dad carries me coz' I feel precious! Oh did I tell you? I love Daddy's socks too, I finally get to smell them again... they smell so wonderfullll and so relaxxxinngg. Like cat nip!

I know I don't look happy but I'm born with a grumpy face. Blame my real dad! For that sad whiskers too! HMpf... Look close enough, you can see that I am actually really, really happy! MEOW.

Soooooooooo happy to be home with Mom and Dad! Only home sweet home make my cat naps complete! Mom and Dad said I must thank everyone out there who is concern for me. I don't understand why they should be concern, I was only wearing a cone!

Anyway... thank you!


zleenz said...

Ouhh.. so lovely!

Hi Pipi... Glad you are back home... Dont worry, everything's gonna be ok... Hope u feel better now... ouh dun say u have a grumpy face...you smoochie pie... u are one cute lil teenage cat... I'll tell your mom n dad to give some camwhoring lessons though...:D:D

Ok.. Pipi.. take care... sleep tite ;-)

Prrrrr.... meooowww

Anonymous said...

LOL! hahahahahah! Fantastic post, ah pi! wah.. i didn't know u could speak n write so well! and in engrish! eh sorry ah, wah eh engrish bo ah ne ho.. lu eh cin ho.. pandai la.. hehe.. wo ai ni even more now, hugs!


Anonymous said...

Hello mak cik Azleena, Prrrrrr... thank youuuuu. I know I am cute but that grumpy face makes it harder for ppl to know that I'm not mad at anyone! hehe

Auntie San, Wo Ai Ni TOO! Actually, I don't speak and write English. Only Mom can translate kitten language for me. hehe MEOWWww Pa Daa PEOWwww

Yours truly,