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Monday is my very personal day off. Usually, I work on 'stuff' on my weekdays and weekends is my looking-after-Hushby time, FULL time. No wonder people say being a housewife is no easy task. And Pipi? Definitely adds to it.

Yesterday, Hushby and I met up with some new friends we knew from a mutual friend. The couple were on vacation here in Los Angeles travelling from Singapore and we thought it would be nice to meet them for dinner at Santa Monica pier while they were sightseeing at Beverly Hills. Yew Wai and I have not been to Santa Monica, so it was only natural that we plan our Sunday weekend around it. Here's some pictures of what we have explore.

The famous Santa Monica Beach and the beautiful, super fit people who hangs out there. Do they do that for a living?

Some of the posh, luxurious hotels by the beach and us on the Santa Monica ferris wheel. Going up that height was an accomplishment for me!

Sunset, we met up at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant at the Pier. Ivan, a pilot and May a banking professional. As we chit chat, introducing what we do for living, I got more and more nervous as we get closer to my turn, for me, to admit that.....





I had to drink a lot of alcohol for my guts! No, just kidding. It was yummy though.

Sure, like most mature adults would react after learning about my situation, usually don't mock or laugh at me. But I also have people who did and maybe they are still laughing at me right now. People also associate me with being lazy and fat when I'm unemployed. That I'm useless, brainless and inexperience when I'm a stay-at-home person. With all to what people had to say about me, I am still struggling to accept it as part of life. None of us can shut people's mouth. Gossips, mockery, backstabbing, lies are all inevitable in one's life. Mine is no exception. I just had to overcome it like everyone else and again, like everyone else, I feel the pain.

I do hate to tell people of my position in life but sometimes I find myself really obligated to explain. Why you might ask? I'm not too sure myself. I guess just so to show I'm not the person they think I am?

I cannot work because of a long story (I'll bear you the details) with the US law and employment regulation due to my husband's visa. He gets the working visa but as a spouse, I am not permitted to work. We have done all we could with lawyers working for our permit to give me my freedom but we always come back with the ultimate answer that I have to wait for the green card. And that's our goal at the moment. To earn the green card as soon as we can so that I will finally have my freedom!

So when it came to my turn, I told May, my new friend about my situation.

She said. "Oh! I would kill to be in your shoe... anytime!" How humble I thought, but why?

"Who likes going to work? Check emails, meeting 9 to 5, boss drilling..."

As she goes on, I said sheepishly "Me?"

She smiled knowingly that I will hate having a job too.

Then I remember another dear friend also said the very same thing to me once, that she will want to get married, stay home and do all the wonderful household chores for her husband. She is getting married soon which is good for her and said that she will quit her job soon after.

Don't get me wrong though. I like being a housewife. I like having more time on hand to wash, cook, plant and furnish all on my own - IF only all other areas in my life is at peace.

Why wouldn't a person enjoy having a career though? I remember having a job before, it was so fulfilling! Isn't it enjoyable earning your own money? Having your own financial freedom? And setting your own goals to what you can own and cherish them?

My questions and train of thoughts went on and on. We strolled down the Santa Monica Pier looking at the moonlit sea with lines of fishing hooks and background noise of people screaming from the amusement rides. I strike out of self-centered thoughts when I overlooked the Singaporeans couple smiling, often complimenting how lucky Yew Wai and I are to have the opportunity to live in California. It felt selfish for a minute knowing that I was the only one in the group self-pitying when I should have enjoy the moment with wonderful company who speaks our language and the person I love on a carefree land. I'm unlucky in some ways, yet people would kill to be in my shoe.

Isn't it funny how life is?


janediva said...

I guess it's fulfilling when you have passion in your job. Like me? I can't wait to be jobless!!! :s But then again, not enough $$ to get my "freedom" yet. I think you know what I mean :)

Jessie C said...

I know what you mean.