Jewel Tree part II & Pipi's Update

Jessie jots...

If you have been following my blog since early this year, you would have known I drew and painted the Jeweled tree for my Drawing class finals last April/May. The reason I posted these pictures because it reminded of the time when I was so, so stressed. Stress with finals, stress if we were going to move, stress with graphic design assignments, work, hubby... I mean, it was crazy! Looking back at that drained face of mine, I had no idea that in the next few months was I going move out from that apartment.

The drawing begin with a light sketch of the tree and some of the jewels. It was meant to look like hanging earrings but having the tree bearing 'jewels', I thought my artwork would imply much more - but what say you?

I especially love the second picture, the rawness (if that's such a word) and the impromptuness. I remember having to step back many times to see it from far... I wanted the pecks of colors come together with the work of your eye. When stand close, you'll see all the pecks, like tiles. Took me exactly 48 hours to paint this.

A few person in the class offered to pay for this artwork, but I didn't know how much I would want to charge. Knowing that I couldn't give the artwork up that easily anyway, I declined the flattering offers. I still wanted to keep it for future portfolio and actually, I really do need it for a college application. Still, a very big fan, Marie, really wanted me to redo this painting. I promised, yet had the time to start to repaint the Jeweled Tree in half that size and with no intention to charge her. Couldn't be more honored and thankful for their appreciation with my sense of style.


On another note: Pipi is growing vigorously... length wise mostly, and like her owner, width wise too. She's becoming very playful each day as she gets stronger on her hind legs. Just a couple weeks ago, she used to fall easily and never was able to climb the sofa, and once she jump off from the couch, only to land quite disasterously, doing summersault on the floor. Pity, right? For that precious face. It's part of learning though. Now, she climbs up and down like a monkey... sturdily, steadily with intention, preying on her cat toys from every nook and cranny she can find. She's finally standing on her two hind legs too!

Every week past by, she only gets bigger sooner. Good for Pipi, but not so good for me. There will be a day she will grow so large, I can no longer hold her with one hand. Even now, I'm starting to feel the weight. Can you imagine that when she was 9 weeks old, she was only 1 pound heavy? How will I bath her? How will I control her? My hope is that she will only be so obedient for me to struggle less when she needs her nails trimmed and shots taken.

At 11 weeks old, she is becoming the lap cat every Persian breed suppose to be. She sits on my lap and on my arms whenever I'm on relax mode. Everywhere I go, she would follow behind my back, sometimes run and then tumble, showing signs that she's still a clumsy little kitten.

One day, I was exhausted and my mind was scattered. I came home to the look of her face and immediately I became calm and focus. Every morning when I wake up, the moment the knob makes a click to open bedroom door, you will see Pipi running towards the bedroom full of energy - without fail. I like how when she looked at me being painfully cute as if asking "how are you?", you just can't help but to smile and laugh at her antics.

Pipi frequenting and accompanying me on the computer desk when I'm on Facebook, laughing away.

Falling in between the crack of my gigantic thighs while watching Rachel Zoe project on Bravo.

It's really fun since having her at home. Though, she's getting really mischiveous day by day. We're trying to train her by setting some rules, primarily using treats for OK and spray bottles for NO... or else she would turn into this aggresive cat nobody will be able to handle in the future. But now, her size and character is perfect. Please don't grow!

To be continued...

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