Satur-Day Out

Jessie jots...

It was like a weekend getaway last Saturday. If not, I don't know how to describe it. Everything went my way and it is as if God is agreeing with whatever I want to do.

Couldn't sleep any later that morning. Eventhough it was quiet and peaceful, I tossed and turned only to wake myself up before my usual wake time. Hushby also got up early to accompany me, sitting on the couch collecting some cool morning fresh air. Since we got up early, he suggested that we go get bagels to eat by the beach. It was so early, and I know he only wanted to do it in hope to get a glimpse of the blue whale or a pod of dolphins, usually visible at this time of the year according to the locals.

We got our bagels in no time and drove our way to Dana Point. Other than the fishermans scattered in the Pacific Ocean at such morning hours (it's cold!), all we saw for that couple of hours was flying pelicans and seagulls. Actually, there was a few peculiar finds... a sting ray and a funny looking bright orange fish swimming at probably 3 ft deep visible by the harbor.

My cup of fresh squeezed orange juice with no whale or dolphins in sight on the rather gloomy morning sky.

Actually we saw a couple of dolphins when my in-laws and I were swimming by the beach a few weeks ago.Sorry, there were jet skis. LOL

No, they are not sharks and no, we didn't photoshop this to earn some brownie points for the blog. It is real... we spot at least four or five them swimming across us. They were darker than we thought a dolphin should look like... if you can see it?

Ah I digress so easily. So then, we went home to get fresh after a whole morning out loitering by the sea and at the Farmers Market. As soon as I got home, I cooked nasi goreng (fried rice) with the leftover rice sitting in the refridgerator while Hushby as usual gobble everything up in seconds. As I sat there watching him eat, I realized that I was quite anxious about the recent design assignment I had to do for a friend in Minneapolis. No wonder I can't sleep this morning.

I was anxious about mostly the printing part because like every designers know, you can create the design all you want but like every printers, they too have their own limitations. Your design can change entirely based on these limitations such as cost, inks, size etc. So it was really important for me to, first, look for a printer who can work with me and second, find him/her to see samples of papers, inks etc that would at least, allow me to envision what the end product would be.

I did my research online, ask friends and local artist for printers recommendation only to know that the printers I have on hand are printers who do well for business... most of their samples are usually posters, brochures, and all alikes, in which, don't get me wrong, they all look good with the common shiny UV coating finish but not for wedding cards? And since this is no Chinese wedding, no one order at LEAST... 500 pieces of cards?!

I was thrilled with the design I have, hoping it would NOT turn out to be a shiny sheet of paper but was concern about how I would find a place who would print for a small fart designers like me.

To cut the long story short after much research under my belt, I found a place who would do just that - 50 copies, wedding invitation cards with envelopes provided. I called and spoke to the person on the phone, and she reiterated back to me which I knew then and there, she's reading my mind!

"Yes, you can bring your design in. You can use your design and we can print them. We usually print them with CMYK colors, and the prices depends on the quantity of colors, paper, embossing, the envelope..."

"OMG perfect! I'll see you in a couple. Thanks!"

Couldn't be happier. Solve my problem, just a phonecall away. I was back to my usual self.

At 3.15pm, we were up for an appointment with the optometrist who was going to give me a new pair of glasses for Hushby and a new pair of contact lenses for me to try for a week. We both got out of the shop an hour later to find ourselves not walking right because of our sudden difference in vision. With that being said, we went window shopping regardless! It was located in the mall, so who could resist?

Strolling across the Macy's shopping floor, I found good deals everywhere on the sales rack. Nothing interest me. Anyhow, there's two things I really need though - new lighter eyeshadow shades and liquid foundation. My sensitive skin can hardly take anything from off-the-shelves products and because I've been out of the make up world since my wedding, I don't really have any idea what other brands out there is good for my skin, let alone find my own foundation color. Most cosmetic brand will leave traces of pimples on my skin and in fact, all eyeshadows I've ever tried, burn my eyes like pepper spray.

I've tried the brand Lancome in the past but have never thought of it as a good comestic brand in which is the only brand that does NOT burn, breakout or chap my lips. If you think your skin is sensitive, think of mine!

To be on the safe side, I spoke to a Lancome representative at the men's department. I was eager to try one of the lighter shades and was hoping that she would put some on my eyelid and let it sit for at least a day before I decide to buy it. So I asked,

"Hie... erm, I was wondering if you would let me sample one of the eyeshadows because I have really sensitive eyes and if you could let me try it, then I will know"

She looked me discontented, "I'll see what I can do".

She walked away, left me a little puzzled but I thought she might be just getting the brush for my trial.

A few seconds later she came back with a box of eyeshadows, containing four shades. "This is only what I have. You can have this and try it at home. See if it works?"


"Yes, this is only what I have"

"Er... ok, thanks!"



Disbelief... OH MY GOD... she gave me the whole thing for free??? This could easily cost me $30! But I got it for free... pwah, I didn't even have to try hard. Ka-ching!


Then I went to another Macy's Lancome booth at the ladies department. This time, I went to ask if I can sample an eyeliner and liquid foundation. And (hahaha) nope, this time no free stuff but at least she applied on my face like a real make-up expert, for free. It really makes a difference wearing some true high quality make-up products. I didn't know liquid foundations could feel so smooth and end up not looking cakey. And the black eyeliner, whoa, draws in like a smooth butter cream. I walked away with a beautified face and couldn't be happier (again). This time, I bought the Lancome liquid foundation AND the eyeliner... looking like this!

Forgot to mention, a bright pink lipstick also by Lancome. Lancome I LOVE YOU!!

After that, I went to SAKS Fifth Avenue store and I have to say, I didn't wear anything to impress, so it's obvious I really don't fit in the group of ladies who were shopping there. People were carrying huge branded bags from Coach to Chanel and this lady? A bag bought from Farmers Market! Oh how wonderful.

Eventhough I wasn't dress to the nines, a sales person approached me and asked if I need help with the handbags in the trunk show. Of course, and as usual, I only said "I'm just browsing..." with a smile.

"Well over here, we have Cole Haan, Chanel, Ferragamo and Prada and over the other side, we have more new arrivals of Miu Miu, Coach and Hermes. Let me know if you need anything, I can help you find it".

"Hehe sure..." Whoa, secretly impress with the big names.

Nodding away, embarassed with my up-to-perfection NEW make-up look to my very unmatching outfit for the day - a flimsy striped $10 Target blouse, an unpress pants and a pair of threads-coming-off sandals. I walked around, literally just browsing at my own leisure only to find she was also behind me, tailing my back as if I would ask for her help anytime. Can't she tell I'm not even going to buy it? I saw a few tags with outrageous amounts... it's like sacrificing for your apartment rent kinda bags. Just so you're curious, they are from $495 to a grant!

At the end of the trunk show, she approached me again, this time closer...

"So do you like anything you see? Are you interested in anything?"

"Yes but I won't be getting any"

"Well, we actually have more coming in next week, you should come and see! You could buy our bags with the SAKS card."

"The wha? Sex card?"

"Yeah, haven't you heard of it? Oh, you should get it! When you come back next week, sign a SAKS card up and you'll receive 10% off instantly on the things you purchase! You can also earn points on the card, when you earn up to...."


"It's a good chance to get more discount for the bags you want to buy in the future"

Wow she really thought I would buy something out of SAKS Fifth Avenue with my half torn shirt and unpressed pants... AND a Farmer's Market handbag.

But I do feel like a queen for a moment... it sure feel like some big shot pretending to be able to afford these luxurious items.

We head home again, this time to dress up for dinner. I put on a polo denim jacket and a faded red scarf for the sudden temperature drop at night.

What a long day we had from waking up too early in the morning. In front of me is downtown of Laguna Beach, where we had Indian food for dinner and then hung out by the beach again. Boring stuff you might think but we love it. I absolutely love feeling the sand on my feet and the sounds of the wave is just soothing - just like any Yanni songs would be to my ears.

What about you? What did you do last weekend?


Jo said...

ur new hair really suit u a lot
and wowwwww the makeupppp!
u guys did spot the dolphin huh
syiok niaaa...i met up with vanessa today at school.she got a job at milwaukee..was askin me how u're doing and all.

Jessie C said...

Ya the new hairdo and the make up... wah the make up really make me look alive!

The dolphin is the one you and I saw la... adui. Its your picture la.

I was going to email Vanessa and ask how she is doing, maybe I'll do that later.

Jen said...

How nice of a weekend!! I got to sit in a pull barn and in the rain at my dad's retirement party up north! It was a nice party and good to see everyone, but could have gone with out the rain and miserable weather!! Let me know how your printing experience goes and how it turns out!! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Last weekend.. hmm, attended ol' coursemate's wedding, caught up with some ol' friends :) love your new 'do!


janediva said...

Eh I tell you liquid foundation really does wonders. When you're back, I can give you some makeup lessons :) Everytime you talk about Laguna beach, I can't help thinking about The Hills :s Hmmm, is it me or you're definitely much happier in sunny CA?

Jessie C said...

Jen: Isn't that typical of MN? Always rainy and cold? But ya know, nothing beat Dad's retirement ;) I'm sure you guys had a good time regardless.

San: Wedding on the weekends is always nice... fun way to do catch up.

Jane: Ya the Lancome foundation is wonderful - not full coverage though but just enough to cover the redness in my face. It's very lightweight, which I like most. The OC and The Hills are film here, occasionally the E!News folk come here too, specifically in the Laguna area. Like a couple months back, I heard of Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong was hanging out at Laguna Beach. I really don't know what's the deal big shots and Laguna Hills but I'm sure this place is beautiful. Yes I'm happy here, maybe because everything we want is an arm's length away? And it's always sunny! :)