Chop and Drop

Jessie jots...

By now, you should have seen my very newwww picture post up in Facebook. I'm absolutely in love with this new hairstyle... didn't think I could pull it off with my squarish, big face. My curls were getting too heavy on me and they were slowly loosen out as my original straight hair grows.

I could easily still survive with the curly hairstyle for another good month or two but what really prompt me to get a trim (supposedly) was that we got an invitation from Hushby's boss to go to his place for dinner this Friday. I got nervous for a moment... how would I style my worn out look? I always tie it up because it was getting really messy and there's really no way to style it anyway.

I booked an appointment with a hairstylist by a nearby salon, just 2 minute walk from my place. Richard Low is from San Francisco, a 3rd generation Chinese moved here about a decade ago. He was trained by Vidal Sasson and Toni & Guy which I thought to myself, whoa all these big names. I was confident he would know what to do to my crown.

Anyhow, after 4 hours fighting with the muscled man strength as he dyed, pulled and cut... I am transform to a fabulous woman feeling like Forever 21! Not to mention, I walked out of the salon like a wilted vegetable.

3 months ago - My curly hair before it grows out.

That's how I used to style it. Thought it was nice back then.

Here's one of the pictures the hair grows out. As if I've never seen a goat before. Come to think of it, I never touch one before... no wonder I was excited.

And I am transform to:

Didn't realize Richard was cutting it this short although he did say he is going to try to get all the curls out. I still have my curls but I could straighten it out for this look or leave it curly for a Samantha Brown look.

The downside is?

I'm $130 poorer. If not for the 'free haircut with a purchase of highlight' coupon I got, I would have paid $190 for this. Man, and I used to complain how much I paid in St. Cloud... a measly $30 for haircut or just $60 for hair color! This will be the only few times I am getting a haircut. Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy really are some big shots... Oh well, I guess I have to pay for their expertise. It's so worth it!


janediva said...

You're worth it!!!

Let form a bob gang :)

Anonymous said...

Nice.. smart and sharp :)


Jessie C said...

Thanks! It's the best haircut I've ever had!

Jo said...

cantik cantik cantik sekali
i like it

Jessie C said...

terima kasih!

Charlotte said...

OH I wish I knew Chinese! So cool sounding, even to read in English characters! ; )

I never knew you had curly hair--you must be good at straightening it. : )

Jessie C said...

Charlotte! Welcome :D

We were not conversing in Chinese. It's Malay :)

I permed my hair before I left St. Cloud. You probably did not notice it when I last saw you as I put it up in a pony tail.