Hello from CA!

Jessie jots...

Hushby and I arrived at our new home state, CA in one piece or two? We are both alive and kicking, enjoying the sun, getting darker, looking kind of orange. The reason I needed to write something today is to thank everyone for their well wishes and concerns. We can't be luckier to have friends like you. I will try to get back to you all ASAP and send pictures to those of you who are eager to see what it really look like here. Sorry that I can only reply messages to some and not to others. That doesn't mean I don't like you... that's just because I realized I don't have a lot of minutes left on this public library's computer.

If you're wondering why I'm loitering at the public library, my furnitures and stuff is not arriving here in California until two weeks from today. I live in an empty apartment at the moment, with an air bed to sleep, nice wooden dining table to feast and paper plates to accompany. It is really tough so far to live with no technological entertainment, especially not having a PC is really, really hard. Makes me question if I moved to Timbuktu.

However, all is fine. Hushby lets me drive the new car when he goes to work. Oh yes, we bought a new car - the sporty Toyota Matrix. It's such a fun car, overall it looks great, good gas mileage and has great stability. We can't be prouder of the choice. So then, I get to drive around and learn to get familiarize with places. That's very essential at the moment, it is much needed before the in-laws visit us in about three weeks!

Ok gotta stop for now before I'm ban from the library. You'll hear from me soon! Thanks & gday!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Toyota matrix, cool, it looked really sporty.. which color did u get?

Btw, u should get a laptop too, then can drive around, stop at a coffee joint, flip open your laptop, wifi-enable, and voila you are no longer in Timbuktu!

Hope these 2 weeks will not be too rough on you and yew wai. Go out and enjoy the sun more, its summer!

love, san

janediva said...

Talking about summer in CA, I suddenly thought of some scenes from The L Word. Remember the cafe? Don't remember what the name was already. Sorry terpesong a bit here :p