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Jessie jots...

I was in a complete supreme joy last night because I have all these beautiful exotic Sumatran wood Pottery Barn furnitures sitting in my apartment and loving it to death. I woke up and when I came to my senses, of course there's no Pottery Barn furnitures. So then I went to sit down on the couch to watch TV but the TV was gone, the dining table was gone, even the lamps were gone. I walked to the clock with a blur vision to see what the time was, but realized, I sold that too! GAH... I am moving, am I? Yes you are... yes I am... yes you are!

Today, someone is going to pick up my microwave for $10. What a deal... it would be for good use for somebody in college. I only need to get rid of it and would love a tiny bit of income for future use. But when that's gone, that means I have to stop cooking for the time being. Life will be quite restricted for a while.

Speaking of restriction, come Friday, we are going to lose the only vehicle we have on hand too.
The guy who bought my car is going to pick it up and we had to resort to renting a car to survive our last few days in St. Cloud.

For two weeks, our dinner was often eating out, meeting friends, hugging people saying our goodbyes. It still didn't feel like we are moving because we kept coming back to the same place, the same apartment, the same stuff.

Remember some months ago, I mentioned how much I enjoy living in this new apartment (well, back then it was new) and before I could enjoy it further or before my curtain change color, I am already putting things into boxes. How sad.

I should be happier about having to leave to a bigger, nicer future apartment but I'm often reminded at how much it cost to live there and how much work it would take for me to reprogram my life. And that's where mixed feelings poured in, money matters make me nervous. Some asked why I didn't look for a cheaper apartment. Well, there isn't a lot of choice when all apartment rents are about the same. Cost of living is so much higher down there and that only means, Jessie could shop less and eat less (more nervous!).

Keep in mind when I need something comforting to hear, please say "Jessie, having less money on hand is a good thing. Then you can eat less and maybe that will help with you building a six pack." Ahh....

Last weekend, as many would have known, I went on my second trip to California for a quest to look for the perfect apartment. By the way, if we would have known we are moving there, I wouldn't have invest on our San Francisco trip. SHEESH... Anyhoo, we took a long list of apartments we made appointments for viewing in hope to find DA ONE, like the one we're nesting on. Luckily, our apartment search was a breeze. The first day we landed on CA, we quickly fell in love with an apartment named the Seaside in Laguna Niguel at Orange County. The price was right, and so was everything else. Grocery stores and shopping strips are at walking distant and the beach is only 3 miles away.

We thought we were rushing things and too agreeable with the sales person on loving this apartment. We put the refundable deposit down to hold the apartment and continue on our quest with the long list of other apartment for viewing. After the end of second day, we still find it ourselves agreeable with Seaside.

What's even better was what we saw in the apartment. The interior is very contemporarily modern with plenty of sunlight from its large windows while the unit rests between the many Eucalytus trees landscaped on its exterior. Imagine the fragrance! I don't need no aromatherapy candles. LOL! On the second floor, I was quickly drawn to how isolated we are from the top yet we are close to everything conveniently.

Pictures courtesy of Seaside Apartments

This is no marketing scam here. It really looked like that when we went there!

Interior of the model apartment.

Second look from the entrance.

The floorplan - I think San would enjoy this.

Hushby's workplace at San Clemente is only 15 minutes drive away from Laguna Niguel. It was located by the beach where people surf and turf, play volleyball and where I felt totally out of place for being kind of out of shape and not dress in a bikini. Our sight was spectacular, a scene I am only used to watch on TV, like Laguna Hills, Desperate Housewives of Orange County, and the celebrity chase on E! online. Whatever it is, I sure don't comprehend that I am going to live there. Too many palm trees, too vacation-like. Not true *DENIAL*

The scene I didn't find believable that I would be living there.

In my dreams. At San Clemente beach after visiting Hushby's workplace.

When told about the news that we are moving, friends and family all said they are happy for us. Everyone agreed that moving down to CA is a big move and will be life changing. People thought July 7th was a good omen. To add to that, our moving truck quotation came to $2777.00, the day the truck could be here is on July 7th, the day Hushby start work is July 7th and the deposit is $700. The number is definitely something.

I have to admit, it is a dream come true for the bost of us that things are starting to fall in place.

We've always wanted to live in a bigger city.
We've always wanted to be in a warmer place.
We've always wanted to be by the beach.

And it gets better each day as we discover more and more are in line for us, such that now we know green card is on its way, what seem impossible in the past became possible. We used to hold our thoughts about life due to the impermanence of our visas. Now we can have plans... plans to own a pet, a house, better furnitures, better kitchen utensils... things that would make us feel more secure and no longer, transitory.

On a last note, here's a blurb of what I wrote from my first post back in September '07.

"Life started to change dramatically almost every month since I've been in the US. And since then, I have always been under the impression that I am anticipating for something "great" to happen. It's like I just knew and I could feel that people around me are anticipating it too. But I couldn't figure out what it is that I will be doing that it is worth waiting for....... Well it is my bad if I've been such a vain pot in the blog about how life will turn itself out for me. BUT if the "great" ever happens, I want to look back in this blog and tell myself, "hah I've told you so!""

I just weirded myself out.


janediva said...

I don't know why but I can totally feel you although I was not there. This is one of the great things... more will come, Jessie :) Congrats again to your new life in CA. I had always wanted to be one of the hosts alongside with Ryan Seacrest and Giulliana Rancic in E! Shhh.. don't tell anyone :p

janediva said...

I don't know why but I can totally feel you although I was not there. This is one of the great things... more will come, Jessie :) Congrats again to your new life in CA. I had always wanted to be one of the hosts alongside with Ryan Seacrest and Giulliana Rancic in E! Shhh.. don't tell anyone :p

Jessie C said...

Shh... I won't tell anyone. LOL Thanks janediva... I really hope more good things will come.