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Jessie jots...

Gee, I didn't even realized how many bowls I made until I took them all out from the box. I did these bowls for a Ceramic class assignment. I really enjoy making ceramic pieces despite the swearing and aimless, aggressive punches on unformed clay... when in the beginning, everything seems to fail and when finger tips dried off and bleed afterwards but they are all worth it! We were told during class that it will be tough journey ahead and of course, the prof was always right. He is no one you want to mess with. Strong, strict and tough!

On this assignment, we are judged on the bowls silhoutte, the design, the variety of sizes, the colors and how it matches certain parts of the bowl and the usage of white-slip (used for making the glaze, the shiny part, brighter and look smoother). We were only required to present eight bowls but we have to make extra in case any bowls did not make it from the kiln.

The results of these bowls (and the other assignments) constantly surprises to me. Each time they pop out fresh from the kiln, I'd be one of the few ones to be there, gawking at others and my own pieces... delighted at how shiny the glaze turned out to be, when before it went firing, they all look opaque and toothpaste-y.

So here, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoy making them as I have spent a lot of time on them, I put a lot of thoughts on them and I am emotionally attached to them! Suffice to say, I enjoyed the class and it gave me a new passion to play with.

As if anyone would be interested, I'd just like to say, they are not for sale.

More coming up on cups.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I liked the 6th one the most, which was the yellow one, that looked so edible, like a peeled up-standing banana, or a peeled lemon, haha! Loved it! Sadly it's not for sale, hehe!


Jessie C said...

Funny you said that... coz my professor told me that is an architectural piece. :)

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. great minds think alike! but er, fools seldom differ too.. hehehe! Just kidding :p


Azleena said...

I like #5
look ancient Chinese :D n dramatic!

Jessie C said...

My favorite piece is the red octopus