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This blog is not just boring, but there's nothing in it! Sorry folks, those who come back regardless of its idle mode. I was terribly, terribly occupied. Welcome me back :) Like I've announced to many people, I am finally done with finals. You would think since that happen, I am sitting at home, enjoying every TV shows on the planet and munch on potato chips. Unfortunately, that's not the case. I still have to work to do.

I was in a crazy mode for the past few months. Not only do I need to juggle between assignments, projects and the ever-so-demanding professors, I am also working on two jobs. I know, I'm such an idiot. I thought I would be fine working on weekends when I have the rest of week days to work on SHHHHhhh---tuff. Boy, was I wrong. I really needed the weekend.

This semester was quite a struggle because of my quest for a better job. I couldn't do as well as last semester because of the many interviews I went. And still going. I am also looking for a summer job, so preparing for that is quite important or else that would mean me sitting at home, figuring how to make Butter Pound Cake and get fat.

At first it was that one interview I had to go for Z position. I didn't get Z position and they handed me X position. Later, they told me that X position would soon turn to W position due to an organization chart remodification but they want me to get the new Y position in the center. They can't let me have that position automatically because it has to open to public, so that gave me extra work to re-apply. There in itself, in the same department, I had to be interviewed at least twice in order to get to Y position. Now that I got it, another department is seeking my attention. In addition to that, the four classes I had are all as equally demanding. Women's Action group are asking for my attention as well. Not forgetting poor Hushby. He's also busy with something else but thank God is all over now.

Lets move on though... lets talk about something else. What's fun? Well, nothing beats Ceramic 330!? hehe

I'm sure I've spoken of this before - the 20 bowls and 15 cups I need to make? For at least 4 days out of a week and for 2 months, I can be seen in the clay room, looking kind of nuts, throwing and shaping bowls and cups. Nothing broke from the high heat thankfully, but only that the glazing part did not turn out to what I wanted, hence messing up the end product. Just when you thought you did a good job coming up with a creative piece, a not so good-job glazing would put your finish product to the D list.

So, that went by, not up to my expectation but they turned out OK. With limited time, I couldn't have done a better job honestly. Glazing alone takes one whole day, only to get half of the bowls and cups done. I had to go down to the Ceramic room every so often to finish the rest of the glazing task and that means taking time in between classes, between work, sneaking out early from other classes when they are half done and even if it means having lunch there, I still have to glaze them. I go there so often, I even look and smell like clay.

And the funny thing was, by the time the clay were all out of the kiln, I begin missing throwing clay on the wheel and feeling them on my fingers. And by the time glazing was done, I begin missing going down to the clay room altogether. I'm so converted! I might turn into a ceramic major before you know it.

Just kidding!

That's my wheel, right there! With some wet clays. They are upside down because we need time to dry the bottoms before it can be trimmed. Oh those clay tools are now strewn across my living room. I used to can't live without them but now, what will I do with them?

My clay room! I miss my beautiful, smelly, dusty clay room! SOB SOB There's some orange locker on the left and some wheels just next to it. The entrance is on the far left corner of the room and where I'm standing is where a microwave is for quick munchies.

One of my first finish product is on the right. It's with seafoam or teal color glaze, topped with dirt brown glaze on the bowl's lips. The left is a baked clay, ready to be glazed, with a layer of white slip for aesthetic purpose. With white slip, the glazing will turn out brighter and smoother. Unlike the seafoam glaze bowl, that is not applied with white slip.

I will post more of the rest of my bowls and cups when I finish taking their pictures. They are very eager to make their debut in this blog.

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