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I haven't been jotting, have I? I've been writing more essays than I was jotting! Yikes.
Oh well, I guess if you guys enjoy it, I'll stick with it. Maybe I should change my blog name to Jessie's Everlong Essay? How's that? LOL

I haven't been posting my artwork lately and I thought some of you might be curious what I've come up with in the past few months. I don't have much hand-drawn artwork this semester because we spent longer time on each drawing that my class only requires 4 artwork throughout the semester.

Below is a drawing I did most recent. It took me approximately 20 hours to complete it using fine point black ink. Some with confident lines, some not so.... confident, some with dots and some just barely there strokes. It depicts some still life objects I composed in a triangular format for balance and aesthetic reason. Since I can only deal with one color, I make most of it exploring and playing with the light and dark area in this piece.

So if you've heard about Vanitas - Still Life art... this is the modern version of what Van Gogh might have done in lieu of his sunflowers in the vase. I chose what I chose because I think life is certainly full of energy and vibrance, which shows in the ever growing ivy leaves. I also add in the stained glass candle holder to show that life can be interesting and lively, if we all choose to 'light' it. And the fruits closest the viewer remind us that we will all grow old and wrinkly one day... so live your younger day to the fullest before we all 'decay'.

18 x 24" - 24 hour drawing.

Next one is another assignment before the 24 hour drawing was due. I did this on a 9 x 12 bristol board using watercolor and fine point black ink as well. The assignment purpose was to show undestanding in perspective drawing, which often block an artist creativity due to its rigidity in measurement and understanding the complex topic of architecture. I had experience doing many perspective drawing in the past and so when this assignment came up, all I wanted to do was to create a new challenge for myself - that is to create a perspective not only of the building's exterior, but also its interior, assuming the building was transparent.

I have to say though, that my inspiration came from a super fun experience last year where I had to help my poor sister, Siew to create a miniature model shop house for her assignment. The requirement were that the shop house has to be 6 x 12 inches big, facing a busy highway. The shop house was suppose to become a spa business, and keeping in mind with space limitation and not so desirable strategic location, she was suppose to design a relaxing and inviting interior that would be convincing enough to the customer. On a higher level, her instructor also wanted his students to create different types of window for natural light to lit the area. So there we were, after brainstorming, we started cutting cardboards, cutting plastics boards, spray colors on the cardboards, gluing them... from morning til 3 am that night. We use transparent harder plastics to imitate the window glasses, color-sprayed the cardboard brown for the wood effect, straws for plant pots, sponges for beds, cloth for tiny pillows by the veranda and green fake moss for the outdoor grass. I had so much fun that day. Just seeing the finish product makes me happy, even though my butt hurts sitting on the floor for so long.

For my project, I tweaked the idea a little bit for a more simplistic, futuristic look. I made a decision to add a new floor to my building to emphasize the height of a typical modern building, using a lengthen paper. Other than that, the first floor and the second floor are pretty much the same. However, I did not refer to the pictures above when it was drawn... so that's something to cheer about..... or maybe not. hehe

9x 12" - Perspective Drawing

I submitted the Perspective Drawing for a scholarship application after gathering enough courage and after much encouraging words from my professor, Justin Quinn. The news will be announced this Wednesday. So I'll let you guys know what the result will be. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Cantik lah your still life drawing.. keep it up! and remember to inform us as soon as you get the scholarship :)


Jessie C said...

Thanks! But I didn't get the scholarship... unfortunately it was only geared towards students with fine arts major, which means to say no graphic design majors. Sheesh. When we're the more technical people! Anyhow, it's all good. :)