A glimpse of my crazy life

Jessie jots...

Ahh... the relief of letting go a massive stone off your chest! Talking about Art History test! It is the most challenging test ever, at least to me, other than the useless Pendidikan Moral exam back in 1999. At the very least, Art History can bring you elsewhere with the knowledge of knowing what is Van Gogh, what is Gothic art, when the Byzantium period was... oh sorry, I better not bore you with details as such although I know Miss San would secretly enjoy them. 

Last week, good news and bad news reminded us that life is always full of surprises. The bad news is... we may be moving again. Good news, we may be moving elsewhere! Which appeared to be more than a good news to me because honestly, I am as sick as a lamb waiting for the next opportunity to live in a bigger city. I didn't have a chance to even register a single grain about the news, or more like I kind of have to wait for the good news to evolve, but to move on with life and be on schedule on all things, is much more important to me at the moment.

I've been tired as hell, my face is full of breakouts, pore open as large as any crater on the moon and my pointy-end hairstyle grew like weed only to get into tangles and being unmanageable is driving me nutty. I'm frustrated. I look into my organizer and I can't even find a two hour slot for a freaking haircut. My other available time is for food, sleep and poop. And if any, is time to get dirty in the clay room for more bowls and cups to be invented. 

I'm constantly reminding myself that I only have two weeks left until the semester is over. When summer come, my only promise to myself is to do good for my body and will lounge on the plain until the grass wilt! Oh please Apollo, show me the sun!


Anonymous said...

*Miss San nodding* hehe.. yeah, I do love Art and Architecture history. How did you do? I'm sure you will pass with flying colours ;)

Happy to hear of your good news, and here's wishing that you get everything u and Yew Wai wished for.

As for the crazy times, I fully understand and sympathise, I'm having the same crazy schedule here! Here's to zooming through spring, and looking to summer holidays!

love, san

Anonymous said...

It will get better... You'll see... Cheers sista!