Blue and Red

Jessie jots...

Yesterday, I received an envelope stating my and Yew Wai's name... which I was pretty sure it was the lawyer's thank you card.

But to my surprise, it was Jennifer and Shawn's wedding invitation card. Aww :) Thanks Jen, you really shouldn't feel obligated to invite me but since you did.... I will come! And conquer! LOL

Your card is very pretty Jenny! I really like how the blue and red turns out. It didn't look patriotic at all. At least your wedding didn't fall on the Fourth of July. That would have been a little too much. Did you do this yourself? Because I really appreciate the little blue accent color on red and the see through organza (if I may say) ribbon really brings out the feel of a simple yet bold wedding theme. And the font type also go very well with the red and blue color. Ah talking like what we do in art class?

I'm so glad you offer more than just two choices, unlike most wedding. And you have my favorite food! Maybe I don't have to send it to you anymore? But oh well, I guess I got to follow the rules.

I'm super hyped out now that I receive the invitation. :D Be pretty now Bride-To-Be! We look foward to celebrating with you too!!


Jen said...

YEAH!!! Yes, the invites are hand made, I hand cut every red background from a 12x12 piece of paper, used good 'ole illustrator for the blue swirly florish and indesign for the rest. I came up with the idea and had my bridesmaids help assemble them! I am excited for you to share this day with us!

Jessie C said...

That's so cool! I wanted to say it was handmade but I became doubtful looking at how flawless the edges were. Good job on those and your bridesmaid are awesome. :) I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see you in your beautiful wedding dress. :) Thanks for inviting me Jen! :)