Jen's night out with me

Jessie jots...

Well I've been meaning to type something in my blog for the longest time. I've been so occupied, time passes by so fast. Lets see, the last entry was oh goodness, don't mention it. Anyhoo! Here's something.

Something everyone should know about Jen.

Jen Jenks used to be a roommate of mine. We share a lot of things in common - from Counting Crows concert to good conversation and good musics. She even helped me to move all my stuff in a her small little white car that is now dented from senseless deers. In a nutshell, she is the best roommate I've ever had! Like all good things never last, we parted the end of Spring 2003 after a semester cohabiting, met up once in Fall 2003 and lost touch since then. So meeting her last Thursday night was good for me and you're right Jen, we picked up where we left 5 years ago and it was so interesting playing catch up.

Our pizza date (Man, that was really good Jen. Yew Wai chomp all my leftovers!) went by quickly as we dissed harmlessly about the men in our lives... hehe! but isn't that what's girls night out is suppose to be? And our over-the-25-hump body didn't like to keep up with late night clubbing anymore and that getting intoxicated seem so yesteryear.

We bid farewell and hop into our car that is parked (coincidently) opposite of each other's. It was snowing cats and dogs if I may say that - supposely an inch of snow fall as forecast tales tell but with a glance of the sky, it looked more like a snow storm. The weather threaten me that night - I needed much luck. For one, I've got an eyesight of a mole and two, driving in the snow with a wiper that only sweeps rather than wipe?! My worst nightmare is happening.

I started the engine right away for it to warm up. I waited for my car to warm up to melt some of the frost. I looked into my rear mirror and to my dismay, a block of innocent white snow covered the back of my car. Disgruntled, I force myself to get out and took the scraper with me.... with a vengeance. I walked out and there I saw, Jen doing the same thing - scraping the snow off her car like I would be doing too! She and I laughed. Aren't you reminded of what it takes to drive in Minnesota. LOL Don't move here if you're ever considering it.

I drove after the snow fell. As soon as it stopped, the road became icy and along my way back, at least gee, I lost count... maybe 10 cars ended up at the ditch, slowing the traffic to only 10 mph. It was a horrible 1.5 hour trip home. I was shaken. My eyes were so tired as I had to peel it open for the car in front of me. As a mole, I can't see the lines on the road, neither the signs that much. I had to depend on the car opposite me for where he's going. So if he went fast, I slow down and catch up with another car. Boy, was I a parasite. That's how bad it is. That's why I adore people with great eyesight. But why does it has to snow that night? Of all the nights I didn't have to drive... it has to snow that night! HMPF.

At the end, you're right, your friend Jessie is fine. I came home in one (LARGE) piece with some leftover pizzas on my hand. Puzzled Hushby took care of my complains about the wiper. He has to change to something of better quality or else I would cane him. You got me... cane him.

So Jen, if you're wondering what happened that night... I got home shivering not because it was too cold, but it was scary. When I brake the car too tightly, it swerved left and right, only encouraging me to lose grip. Luckily we had new tires on, and driving like a 80 yr old grandma helps. Good thing too I also learn to brake intermittently from the flickering red lights before me.

Other than that horrifying experience, I was glad we met up, Jen! Good luck to all your wedding preparation and congratulations to both of you. We'll meet again I'm sure. :)


Jen said...

You put a smile on my face today! We are friends for life, we came into each others life's for a reason. I am glad you made it home in one piece!! I was going to call you on your cell to make sure you were okay driving, but thought that would be distracting driving in the snow. Next time when we meet hopefully it wont be during a snow storm!!

What is your address?

Jessie C said...

Yea luckily you didn't call me or I'll be distracted. Next time it better be Summer/Fall. I'll email you my address... wouldn't wanna have any stalker do we? lol

Jen said...

True True, a stalker would not be good.

Maybe we should go to this sometime, maybe this summer

Paris 1900: Graphic Design in Revolt
Saturday, April 5, 2008—Sunday, September 14, 2008
Gallery 368
Free Exhibition
International Art Nouveau movement through such figures as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) and Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860-1939), both prominently featured in this exhibition where graphic design, advertising and art became one.

Jessie C said...

Hey this summer sounds good! Will be done with finals by May 12 - we'll set something up with you as soon as I finish. I'm all hype up now looking at Toulouse-Lautrec first painting on the website! I'm super-excited!! :D