The Mighty, Energizer Bunny

Jessie jots...

I'm in a really bad crunch time. Again, so many things due each week and this week is

1. Portfolio review
2. Valentine's Day Fundraising sale
3. Computer studio Photoshop assignment
4. Chinese New Year food shopping for Saturday dinner

On top of that, I'm also due to exercise everyday.

You see, I've made this new year resolution, well not really a resolution but more like a "do-good-to-yourself" thing. I've just seen too many people my age juggling medical bills and aches that I think if I have a pair of legs and hands, why shouldn't I avoid that problem and stay healthy? So then, I've been doing a at-home DVD workout with Hushby that is called the Power 90 by Tony Horton. It's called the bootcamp style workout, but I'd say it's pretty mild compare to the real-life bootcamp. I have to admit though, the style and the way the DVD is set up, the workouts are like bootcamp. You do what the army does: jumping jacks, plyometrics, push ups, crunches plus lots and lots of weight training. I'm now taking about 8 pounds of dumbbells on alternating days, working from abs, triceps, biceps, glutes, quads to back. Hushby has been showing signs of being ferocious lately, flexing his cheeses to me but I, cutting down sugar and cutting down on rice, not even a hindsight of a mosquito bite. Not fair.

The good news is HOWEVER, I lost 2 inches off my waist and a pound. Pathetic as it sounds, I am glad it is losing somewhere somehow. I'm so, very motivated with what I saw this morning... yup, THAT very digit 2 and that 1 pound I lost over the course of 3 weeks. Even more pathetic, right? Well whatever it is, I'm just going to keep pushing PLAY everyday.

6 days a week, 45 minutes a day. Although life has been busier with this new schedule, I'm still going to push play.

Ok, gotta go. Have lunch and then off to class.

PS: If you want to have a look at my photoshop assignments, click here.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a great workout! I'm inspired, and will try to find it, I really to need to start working out again :)


Jessie C said...

It's available at the Power 90 website though.


They also have P90X that is the next level after your 90 day.

Azleena said...

Jessiee... Gong Xi Fa Chai. So makcik, how was the makan besar bersama cik abang?

weh... me have the same resolution... work out more... i gain 6kg in 3 months, this is freakin me out...

Jessie C said...

Hi cik Azleena, thanks for visiting. Makan besar? Which one? :X hehe!! Gong xi fa cai to you too! After all the makan besar, perut also buncit ade la. OK Lets work out together-gether... I'm due to take my after 30 day workout picture soon. Are you? :) hehe Just the face also tak per.