Some pictures to share

Jessie jots...

If you're wondering how I spent my weekend, that's how it goes. Some pictures to share and to narrate what I did.

Prepared my portfolio review on a 5 ft wide wall displaying a variety of foundation work with a friend, Katie. My interview is on this Wednesday. The review will determine my major in Graphic Design, so wish me luck!

On another note, I went to take pictures of another gallery.

One of my selected artwork on display now in the Breaking Stereotype Juried Show. Artwork name "Moods of self-portrait", if you can't already tell that was me! LOL

My favorite piece of all three. Reproduction of Vereschagin's "Uzbek Woman in Tashkent" done in Gouache paint.

Last selection is the Market Nostalgia, done in charcoal and pastels of our very own Penang morning market scene. Earned itself the 'People's Choice Award', thanks to all the votes.

Got grocery shopping done and then off to get Chinese New Year dinner cook before all the hungry ghosts, I mean guests come.

A scene of prep here but somebody is stealing my box of vanilla ice-cream which I'm suppose to put in my Honeydew Sago. Luckily, I manage to stop her in time before we don't have dessert later that night.

The 5-hour preparation coming to feast our eyes. Some dishes on the table are sour vegetable with pork soup, stir-fry mengkuang with some lettuce to wrap, mix vegetable fry with tomyam paste (by Vanessa), stir-fry cuttlefish with dark soy sauce and dried chillies and the highlight was the very own recipe down by yours truly, honey and five-spice powder duck! Except for looking a little burn, it turn out to taste really, really good! The only downside to that is, we don't have any leftovers the next day.

The anticipated Honeydew Sago coming into form for dessert! It's really easy to made and it's so delicious. I got the recipe from a friend many, many years back but never had the opportunity to make it. This time was no excuse and everyone love the sweetness! :)

Daniel and Victor being gay. haha Man, I laughed so hard I couldn't even take that picture. He was trying to make us guess the word 'Pinata' from the board game, Cranium.

We ended our night playing Cranium after much white wines, peeling tangerines and doing just that until 3am. My aging body is catching up now. Eventhough I manage to get up at 10am, I was too drain to do any workout. So I had to say sorry to my body, I'm doing you bad. I will get back into the groove after this chaotic week.


Anonymous said...

Woah! People's Choice Awards.. brava, brava! And woah again! All those mouth-watering dishes you just described, hmm.. yum yum.. i wish i was there!

missed u lots :)

xoxo, san

Jessie C said...

Hey YingSan, thank you!! :) I look back at the food picture and start drooling too. Hmm Maybe it's lunch time.

Miss you too! :) Maybe next time you can come here for a feast ;)